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Product Description
Stealth Rev. 3 includes a single mosftet heatsink instead of 3 individual ramsinks. This heatsink makes use of the board existing mounting holes. This new heatsink is not backwards compatible with earlier Stealth revisions.


Named after the famous Stealth fighter bomber because of its angular shapes and black livery, Swiftech' Stealth is a VGA water-block designed exclusively for nVidia 's high-end GeForce™ 8800 series graphics cards. At the time of publication, the Stealth is compatible with the 8800 GTS (G80 version only), GTX and Ultra models.

The ultimate GeForce™ cooling performance

Using the same core cooling technology as the Apogee™ GT and GTX CPU water-blocks which are recognized as the best performing water-blocks on the market, the Stealth unique design approach focuses cooling where it is most needed: at the GPU level; with its extended wings covering the memory modules and NVIO chip, the massive aluminum housing also maintains the lowest possible temperature of these surface mount components; this allows in effect for the most advanced overclocking techniques which are necessary to take core and memory frequencies well beyond factory specifications.

Performance and flow data

Thanks to the Apogee™ GT cold plate technology, the Stealth offers ultimate thermal performance with moderately high flow restriction as shown below:

Picture Gallery


One example of a Stealth SLI setup, also including MCW30 cooling on both Northbridge and Southdridge chipset. In this example, the waterblocks are installed in series.


This example of Stealth SLI setup shows the water blocks installed in parallel using regular 3/8" T's. This type of arrangement is ideal to keep the highest possible flow rate in the CPU water-block, while maintaining sufficient flow rate for the GPU's. In effect the Stealth water-block does not require high flow rates to provide extreme cooling to the GPU.


  • Internal structure: the CNC machined C110 copper base plate is at the heart of Stealth water-block cooling efficiency. Designed and optimized using Computational Fluid Dynamics, it benefits from the same Diamond Pin Matrix technology used in the Award Winning GT and GTX CPU water-blocks. In fact, we use the Apogee™ GT/GTX base plates with the Stealth, thus guaranteeing the absolute best performance on the market.

The Stealth utilizes the same Diamond Pin Matrix
cold plate technology as the Apogee™ GT & GTX

  • The housing is CNC machined out of billet aluminum and receives two plating treatments for a lifetime protection against corrosion: electroless nickel plating (MIL-C-26074E grade B) and Zinc Cobalt plating (ASTM B 840-99 grade 6). A black die is applied after plating strictly for cosmetic appeal
  • The port threads are 1/4" BSPP standard
  • The housing is supported by a 5 year limited(*) warranty
  • The Stealth is shipped with 1/4" BSPP to 1/2" barb chrome fittings, and is also fully compatible with Swiftech's or other 1/4" BSPP to 3/8" barb fittings
  • The spring loaded screws shipped with the Stealth are the same as those used in nVidia 's stock air cooled solutions.

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