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Apogee XL2
Price: From $44.95 to $49.95
Apogee XL2
Extreme performance CPU Waterblock
KOMODO NV-ECO GTX1080 VGA Waterblock
Price: From $29.95 to $115.95
KOMODO NV-ECO GTX1080 VGA Waterblock
Acrylic waterblock for Nvidia Geforce GTX1080 and GTX1070 reference boards: including: block, (2) port plugs, pre-applied thermal pads, thermal grease, installation guide - Fittings not included
KOMODO NV-LE GTX1080 VGA Waterblock
Price: $162.95
KOMODO NV-LE GTX1080 VGA Waterblock
Full cover waterblock for Nvidia GTX1080 and GTX1070 reference boards; including: waterblock, lighting sytem and controller, (2) port plugs, back-plate, pre-applied thermal pads, thermal grease, installation guide - Fittings not included
Price: From $79.95 to $114.95
MCP655 series 12 VDC pumps
- Recent News -

Swiftech® releases a New Generation of PWM-enabled MCP655 Pumps. Product Page
Excerpt from Press Release: "The exciting news for computer users is that this new series now features the ubiquitous PWM functionality, allowing the pump speed to be completely controlled from lowest 800 rpm to highest 4800 rpm by the motherboard. The PWM-enabled series includes three new models: the original OEM housing, and two new variants featuring custom Swiftech housings made of either Black Acetal or Clear Acrylic, that provide enhanced installation and flow path routing to facilitate enthusiast case mods. The PWM motor can now be purchased separately; Swiftech’s new Acetal and Acrylic housings are fully compatible with all MCP650/655 and D5 motors."

Swiftech® releases their flagship Apogee™ XL2 waterblock for retail sales. A worthy successor of the award winning Apogee XL, the XL2 high performance waterblock features a fine-tuned flow rate, an improved retention mechanism, and Modder-friendly  features such as: all clear acrylic housing construction, addressable RGB LED’s lighting technology which allows users to change the block color at the touch of a button, and removable front plate for after-market customizations. The Apogee XL2 is available in two versions: with or without the Iris-ECO ALED controller.  Product Page. Press Release

Introducing the Iris-ECO ALED & PWM controller - This is the same unobtrusive and convenient device found in Swiftech's award winning Drive 2 series AIO's, and it is now being offered for individual sales. The Iris-ECO controller is the first of an incoming series, and it includes three connectors for Addressable LED's, one 2-pin connector for remote control, and four 4-pin connectors for pwm-compatible devices such as fans or pumps.  Product page

The H240 X2 CPU cooler receives a hard-earned "Editor Approved" award at Tom's Hardware - Read More 7-13-16
Swiftech® announces the imminent release of two new versions of their Komodo waterblocks for Nvidia's flagship Geforce GTX1080 and GTX1070 graphics cards: the competitive ECO line featuring an all acrylic housing and chrome base plate, and the Luxury Edition featuring an acrylic core, dressed with silky black aluminum top and back plates, chrome base plate, and lit with new generation multi-color ALED technology – that is compatible with the brand’s AIO light color controllers. "The addition of ALED technology to the Komodo waterblocks will allow enthusiasts to light up their entire custom build including radiator, reservoir, CPU and GPU waterblocks with a common color scheme", said Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech Chairman & CEO. Read More 

Komodo NV-LE GTX1080

Swiftech H220 X2 Prestige receives TechPowerUp Editor's Choice Award - Read More
"Swiftech really brought as much as they could to the table this time around. Top-tier performance, acceptable noise levels, expandable, and customizable, this kit really sets a new bar for what to expect from an AIO."
Swiftech H320 X2 All-In-One Watercooling Kit receives Must Have Award at Modders Inc. - Read More
"Performance wise this cooler tops our charts and is one of the best performing AIO’s that I have tested... Performance, price and ease of installation earn the Swiftech H320 X2 the Modder’s Inc Must Have Award."
Swiftech® at CES 2016!
Swiftech® presents its new AIO product line: The Swiftech Drive X2 series. - Official Product Brochure

Swiftech® is pleased to announce the release of the Komodo-R9 FuryX ECO - Product page
"The Komodo-R9 FuryX Eco is a is a high performance cooling solution with advanced thermal design and low flow restriction compatible with AMD® Radeon R9 Fury and FuryX Graphics cards (AMD reference PCB design)."

Swiftech® is pleased to announce the release of the Komodo-NV TITAN X ECO - Product page
"The Komodo™ NV TITAN X ECO full cover waterblock is a high performance cooling solution with advanced thermal design and low flow restriction, compatible with Nvidia's GeForce GTX TITAN X, and GTX 980 TI flagship graphics cards using Nvidia's reference PCB design (PG600); the product is listed at a very competitive MSRP of $115.95, and an optional back-plate is also available." 

Attention Modders:  new colored windows are now available as DIY parts for the H140/220/240 "X" series liquid cooling kits. Product page

Swiftech® is pleased to announce the release of the Komodo-NV GTX980-ECO - Product page

"This new ECO line signals Swiftech's re-entry in the competitive all-acrylic top market segment. The product is listed at an affordable MSRP of $115.95 while preserving the high thermal & high flow performance characteristics of the LE (luxury Edition) lines.
In-depth review with individual component testing of Swiftech's H220-X all-in-one CPU cooler at - Read More
"I have used “Best bang for the buck” before when describing the MCP50X pump. At the risk of coming off repetitive, I will do the same here...The point I wanted to make is this- you are saving a lot of money here going with this kit as compared to other components alone...The true competition for this will not be AIOs or air coolers, but rather custom loop kits.."
The Swiftech® H220-X all-in-one CPU cooler receives's Editor's Choice Enthusiast Silver Award - Read More
"If however you are looking into a nearly silent solution, the H220-X is hard to argue with. If you are looking to put together a custom water loop, the X220-X might be a good starting place as well.For its excellent performance and AIO leading silence, the Swiftech H220-X is awarded the [H] Editor's Silver Award."
The first in depth review of Swiftech's MCP50-X high power pump is published at - Read More
"When comparing MCP50X vs MCP35X (or any Laing DDC for that matter), if PWM control is not a hindrance then go with MCP50X. It is louder at full speed but gets quieter quickly, offers more head pressure, has a “fuller” PWM response curve and runs cooler. It is also a lot less expensive"
The Swiftech® H140-X all-in-one CPU cooler receives 3D Gameman 100% KickAss Award - Watch the Video Review below
"..It's the best 140mm AIO Liquid solution out there. What sets it apart are the robust components and the ability to customize. Included is a Helix 140mm fan, copper radiator, MCP30 6W pump, durable tubes and an Apogee waterblock."


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