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H320 CPU Liquid Cooling Kit
Price: Not available for sale in the USA. Please consult the Where To Buy Section below
H320 CPU Liquid Cooling Kit
Triple 120mm All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooling Kit, factory pre-filled for plug-and-play installation.
MCR-H220 Radiator
Price: $71.34
Sale Price: $39.95
You Save: $31.39
MCR-H220 Radiator
on sale
LIMITED INVENTORY - SPECIAL PRICE OFFER AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Dual 120mm radiator, Slim form, including (2) 120mm Helix PWM fans, 3/8" non-removable swivel barb fittings, hose clamps for 5/8" OD tubing, installation screws
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Swiftech Announces New Product Lines during CES 2014


Swiftech® announces cooperation with Cooler Master - Press Release
Rouchon Industries, Inc. dba Swiftech® (OTC Pink Current: RCHN)  is proud to announce that it was retained by PC Industry giant Cooler Master  for the production of the new Glacer 240L CPU liquid cooling system.
Swiftech® announces the release of the 8-Way PWM splitter with SATA connector - Product Page
The new SATA connector eliminates many of the problems encountered with standard 4-Pin Molex connectors.
Swiftech® today announced the withdrawal from US sales of the H220 CPU cooling kit - Read the complete Press Release
In the words of Gabriel Rouchon, the company’s Chairman and CTA: “I want our customers to know and expect with absolute confidence that Swiftech’s resourcefulness will once again be brilliantly demonstrated in the immediate future.

Swiftech's H220 CPU Water Cooler receives Editor's choice award from Tech of Tomorrow - Read More -
"If you're looking to start with CPU cooling and want a hassle free installation with minimal work and maintenance, then the H220 is a clear winner and a damn good cooler that just happens to be custom high end level parts and ready to really kick some ass as a full custom loop down the road."


Swiftech's H220 CPU Water Cooler receives "Cowcot d'Or" Award from French site - Read More (French language) -
"With the H220 , Swiftech show their mastery of watercooling. Affordable, about € 130 , the kit benefits from high quality components manufactured by the brand."


Swiftech's H220 CPU Water Cooler receives Editor's choice award from UK site  - Read More - 

"It is really hard to find fault with the Swiftech H220 because for the price it really is a beast of an AIO system. You’ve got best-in-class build quality, best-in-class components, expandability, silence, a deluxe accessory package, a 3 year warranty and it really is as simple as plug and play from the moment you open the box...This is the first Swiftech product we have taken a look and we are truly impressed."


Linus Tech Tips revisits performance testing of the H220 and crushes the competition:


Swiftech® unveils Lok-Seal™ Quick Disconnect Non-Spill Couplings Product Page -
"Yet another innovation in the world of quick disconnect fittings: up to 25% shorter, and upgradable with multiple end cap options"

Rouchon Industries Inc. dba Swiftech® Announces Record Revenues and Profits for the Fiscal Year Ending December 31st, 2012 - Press Release
"2012 was our best year since inception both in terms of gross revenues and net profits, said Gabriel Rouchon Chairman & CEO.."
Swiftech Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary of Swiftech is moving - Site construction Pics
This 18,000 sqft (1800m2) facility will allow substantially higher production capacity, and increased efficiency thanks to the addition of 3 new assembly lines.  The move is expected to be completed on or before the end of March. 
Swiftech's H220 CPU cooler receives X-Bit Labs Editor's Choice Award - Read More
"..the Swiftech H220 sets an ultimate reference point for an ideal liquid cooling solution..After today we have every right to state that any system that yields to Swiftech H220 in cooling efficiency and acoustic performance should not be considered as a potential alternative to a high-performance air-cooler...the Swiftech H220 is an etalon for liquid cooling systems. It demonstrates unrivalled performance in terms of CPU cooling at minimum level of noise."
Swiftech's H220 CPU Water Cooler receives 10 out of 10 score from Read More
"The list of accolades could go on and on. It would have been enough to make simply the best performing unit. But Swiftech adds to that by making it virtually silent, and puts it together in a package that has everything you need. Making the kit expandable was like winning the lottery after getting you already got your dream girl...And wait there is one thing more: price. This unit is a measly $139.99 USD! I have to tell you as an avid water cooler that point there is about enough to make me cry."
Swiftech's H220 CPU Water Cooler receives Elite Hardware award from Read More
"There is no denying that the Swiftech H220 is the AiO CPU cooler to get if you want to upgrade as time goes on..This cooler performed on par with the best performing cooler we have tested which was the NZXT Kraken X60, and the X60 had a clear advantage with its 240mm radiator"
Swiftech's H220 CPU Water Cooler receives Editor's choice award from Real world Labs - Read More
"The Swiftech H220 is the AiO cooler we all wanted, but didn’t know we needed. Now that it is here though we can’t imagine going back to anything else. Outside of the H220 current AiO coolers don't allow you to expand the cooling beyond the CPU, they can’t be refilled and most don't offer best in class performance and acoustics either. In other words, if you are looking for a AiO cooler in the $100+ range the Swiftech H220 is the one to get."
Swiftech's H220 CPU Water Cooler receives Tweaktown Editor's Choice Award -Read More
"The H220 is built, designed, and delivers on the idea of taking on the AIO market and showing users there is a better option on the market to suit the needs of everyone from users who have never used water cooling on up to those with dual loops and years of water cooling under their belt. The H220 is just that good in all aspects

Yes, you can get a cheaper AIO, and you can get them with lights and software, but with the H220 and the fact that I can carry on with this one unit as my cooling needs progress, it just makes way too much sense to look into these [H220] units and never look back at the typical AIO units"

Swiftech® H220 Liquid CPU Cooler Reviewed at 3dGameman receives 100% Kick Ass Award - Read More
"You've got a product that has win-win written all over it. Without a doubt, this is a 100% Kick Ass product"

Swiftech® H220 AIO Water Cooling Kit Review at Martin's Liquid Lab - Read More
The $139.95 price point is an amazing value for the quality parts you get. The prefilled plug and play installation should satisfy every level of users. Even having several years of experience building custom loops, it was a pleasure to have such a short and easy installation without any of the usual cutting tubes to length, mounting fans, and fill up routine normally associated with DIY kits. 

New LiquidCoolers from Corsair and Swiftech, review at - Read More
"the Swiftech H220 is basically the cooler to get if you're in the market for a 240mm closed loop cooler. It fulfills the promise the H100i inexplicably doesn't, and is basically as good as it's going to get before you get into either 280mm radiators or entirely custom cooling loops."
Swiftech® H220 Advanced AIO Liquid CPU cooler Review at HiTech - Read More - Editor's choice Award
"The versatility, performance, excellent build quality and noise levels all fall into place to make the H220 not only a Hi Tech Legion Editor’s Choice, but a strong early candidate to be the most important product of 2013."

Swiftech® New All-In-One Liquid Cooling system, The H220 raises the bar;  Review at Xtreme - Read More - 9.9 out of 10 Award
"It is easy enough to install and powerful enough to grow into a full system solution. With a low cost of entry, we find it hard to see why we would want to go through the time and effort of picking out and installing a custom water cooling solution."

Swiftech® H220 LCS All-In-One Water Cooler reviewed at - Read More - Receives Seal of Approval Award
"Simply put, what we have here is a game changer in the all-in-one water cooling segment...The unit simply screams quality, top to bottom...Innovation, great performance, expandability, acoustically pleasing, and affordable. Most definitely, Overclockers approved!"

Historic Product Announcement:
Swiftech® unveils new H220 all-in-one CPU cooler during CES 2013:    Press Release
H220 presentations
during CES 2013:

Linus Tech Tips




Steiger Dynamics unveils The Leet™, World's First Liquid Cooled & Most Powerful HTPC, using Swiftech's Apogee Drive II technology, Radiator and Lok-Seal fittings - Press Release 

“The LEET™ creates a user experience that has simply not been offered before. A Home Theater PC with endless functionality and uber performance – that’s really impressive. And thanks to the mutually developed custom liquid cooling solution, it is dead silent,” says Gabe Rouchon (CEO, Swiftech)."

CES 2013 Update: Presentation of the Swiftech cooled Steiger Dynamics system.


Swiftech® Maelstrom 5 1/4" Bay Reservoir receives Tech of tomorrow Editor's choice Award - Read More
Swiftech took a seemingly siomple idea and turn it into a viable product that steps up the bar for reservoirs in today's modern PC's"


Swiftech® unveils H2Ox20 Elite series liquid cooling kits - 

"The new H20-X20 Elite series liquid cooling kits include all the best we have to offer: Apogee Drive II, Helix PWM fans, Lok-Seal compression fittings, and new PWM splitter for central management of all PWM devices - shipping end of November 2012"


Rouchon Industries Inc., dba Swiftech® (OTC Pink Current: RCHN) announces record revenues and profits for the period ending September 30th, 2012 - Press Release


Swiftech® unveils MCP655-PWM DRIVE, announces Exclusive US Distribution Agreement of the product with - Press Release

The offering includes the pump motor, the impeller and a fastening collet, but does not include an impeller housing [..] this product is specifically intended for integration with after-market housings or reservoirs produced by third party manufacturers. The company also announced that it had concluded an exclusive agreement for distribution of this product in the United States with leading reseller Frozen Under the agreement, will assume retail and wholesale distribution, as well as warranty support for the product.


Swiftech's Lok-Seal compression fittings reviewed at Tweaktown, receive best value award - Read Article - Product Page
"Swiftech really did a nice job with this line of products and definitely should put a dent in BitsPower's hold on the fitting market in water cooling"


Swiftech® H20-220 Edge liquid cooling kit receives Bronze Award from famous european site Cowcotland - Read Article  (French language)
Thumbs up for: performance, silence - Thumbs down for: fastidious to fill-up compared to pre-filled kits


Swiftech's Maelstrom bay reservoir reviewed at Tweaktown, receives Editor's Choice Award - Read Article - Product Page
...but I can speak for the standalone Maelstrom we just took a look at, and I have to say I am really impressed..listing price of the Maelstrom as you just saw is worth every penny and some."


Swiftech® introduces long-awaited revision 2 of the MCRx20-QP radiator with integrated reservoir - Product page - Press Release
"Featuring all the great features that you have asked for, and more .."



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