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Whether you are new to liquid cooling or a seasoned enthusiasts, Swiftech carries a wide range of premium liquid cooling products that span from ready to use all-in-one CPU coolers to DIY kits.
The Drive X3 AIO is Swiftech 4th generation of AIO CPU coolers and the 3rd featuring Swiftech's patented Drive technology allowing the integration of the liquid cooling pump to the radiator. This configuration not only enables decoupling of the pump from the CPU but also to make these AIO's easily expandable thanks to the use of standard DIY type G1/4" ports and fittings. This combined with all of the premium components used in the Drive X3 make these AIO kits the most performant coolers on the market and literally close the gap between AIO's and DIY kits.

Nowadays a lot of users start with an AIO and then decide to build their own custom loop. But this is absolutely not necessary and actually never was since custom loop and DIY kits were commercialize long before the first AIO came on the market.

So do not be afraid of jumping into building a custom loop even if you do not have any liquid cooling experience: our Boreas liquid cooling kits come with all the components and accessories needed to make this happen: coolant and even filling accessories are included, and our team of trained technicians is always ready to help!
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Drive X3 AIO
Price: Starting at $139.95
Drive X3 AIO
Drive X3 AIO, all-in-one CPU cooler with built-in addressable RGB lighting
Boreas Series DIY Liquid Cooling Kits
Price: $259.95
Boreas Series DIY Liquid Cooling Kits
Boreas Series, DIY liquid cooling kits with built-in addressable RGB lighting

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