Rouchon Industries, dba Swiftech®, Enters German Market Through Multi-Billion Dollar Wholesaler Actebis®

Export Revenues Expected to Increase by 80% in the next 8-12 Months

Monday October 3, 9:00 am ET

SIGNAL HILL, CA--(MARKET WIRE)—Oct 3, 2005 -- Rouchon Industries Inc., dba Swiftech(TM) (Other OTC:RCHN.PK - News), the technology leader in advanced thermal management systems, has begun their penetration into the German Market through their European Master Distributor Bacata who secured distribution agreements with Germany’s leading wholesalers: ACTEBIS  and XCPD.


“Our ability to enter the German marketplace is another key to Swiftech’s continued growth. The recent partnership with Scan Computers allowed us to establish a strong foothold into the U.K. market. Now, thanks to Bacata’s aggressive PR and marketing campaign for Swiftech products in Germany, we are starting to land agreements with the Global European players such as the Actebis group.  This strategy will allow us to build a strong and durable network of resellers throughout Germany, leading to a dramatic increase in revenues originating from the European market”, said Mr. Gabriel Rouchon, Chairman and CTA of Swiftech. Mr. Rouchon goes on to state, “The German market is by far the most sought after market but their scrutiny of products in thermal management is far greater than anywhere else in Europe. Recent “Editors Choice” awarded to Swiftech products by German review sites, similar to the ones we continuously receive in the U.S. and elsewhere, show that our products are being recognized and accepted by the German technical audience. This penetration into the German market has the potential to double our export revenues over the next 12 months with an 80% increase very reachable in the next 6 months alone.”


About Rouchon Industries Inc., dba Swiftech(TM) (Other OTC:RCHN.PK - News)

Swiftech develops, manufactures, and sells thermal management products such as air and liquid cooling solutions for Intel®, AMD®, nVidia® and ATI® microprocessors. Its most prominent customers include giant semiconductor and CPU manufacturers, PC and component manufacturers such as Corsair® memory, Voodoo PC®, and multibillion Internet resellers such as® and Fry's electronics® in the distribution sector. Today, Swiftech offers a wide variety of advanced air and liquid cooling solutions for the IT industry, and is working with leading OEMs, semiconductor and PC manufacturers as well as a network of over seventy leading distributors worldwide. You can visit Swiftech's website at: Or you can email us at:

About Actebis

Founded in 1986, the Actebis group is one of the largest distributors in Europe selling information and telecommunications products from over 100 well known vendors such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Acer, Intel or Seagate. Alongside the wholesale business, the group offers its IT dealers a wide range of logistics, financial and marketing services. The group conducts business in twelve European core markets with its own companies and reached a turnover of 3.54 billion Euros (net) / 4.2 billion Euros (gross) in its financial year 2004 with 2,200 employees. The parent company, the Actebis Holding GmbH, is 100% owned by the Otto group Hamburg.

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