Signal Hill, 9-29-04 - Press release for immediate release

The most anticipated Rev. 2 of Swiftech's H20 series liquid cooling kits is out!

"The kits' performance, and convenience factors are now enhanced compared to the original series models. This is due to the replacement of the fill-and-bleed kit, by our new MCRES-525 5 1/4" drive bay reservoir, which yields a better overall system flow rate", said Gabriel Rouchon Swiftech's Chairman & CTA.

Prices are unchanged compared to the earlier version. User convenience enhancements are apparent throughout the kit: Pre-installed tubing on the water-block and pump, and quick-connect fittings on the radiator reduce installation time.

H20-80 (Rev. 2)

H20-120 (Rev. 2)

H20-220 (Rev. 2)


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