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To Robert Chan in the position of Asia Sales Manager

Robert Chan joins the executive staff at Swiftech Shenzhen manufacturing facility as Asia Sales Manager effective 9/10/2012; in this capacity, his mission is to develop the company’s sales channels within the PRC and to expand Swiftech’s existing network of dealers in Asian countries, including India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.  A Shenzhen resident, Chan has 17 years of experience in the Electronics and Semi-conductor industry, speaks fluent English, and holds a Bachelor’s degree (Major in Economic Information Management) from Shenzhen’s University of International Business and Economics.

To Kevin Peng in the position of Electrical/Electronics Engineer

Following an existing 2 year co-operation with our company as a design consultant, Kevin Peng has now joined the engineering staff at Swiftech Shenzhen manufacturing facility effective 8/1/2012 to supervise the company’s DC motor manufacturing operations. Kevin has 14 years of experience in DC motor design and production planning.  Peng graduated from Chengsha’s Aeronautical Vocational College with a Degree in Mechanical and Electrical Integration, and is a Shenzhen resident.

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