Effective 5-16-2011 all MCW82 waterblocks will ship with the GT400-Rev2 mounting kit instead of the previously included GT200 kit which now becomes optional.
The GT400-Rev2 mounting kit provides compatibility with nVidia GeForce GTX470, 480, 570 and 580.
Customers who purchased an MCW82 waterblock, AND also bought either a GT400 or a G80 kit to install the block to their card will receive credit  for the mounting kit in the form of a discount coupon for the MSRP value of the corresponding kit and redeemable against the purchase of any item on our site. Restrictions apply, as stated below.
Customers who purchased an MCW82 waterblock and have NOT YET purchased a mounting kit for the above cards, may receive a GT400-Rev2 kit for free. Restrictions apply, as stated below.
Offer valid under the following restrictions:
  1. Customers who have already Purchased a GT400 or G80 mounting kit:
    • Items must have been purchased in the United States and Canada only. Proof of purchase is necessary.
    • Date of Purchase must be included between 4-16-2011 and 7-16-2011.
    • Overseas customers who purchased the item in the United States/Canada are unfortunately not eligible for a discount coupon on our online store because Swiftech does not ship direct to consumers outside of the United States & Canada.
    • Contact Michelle@swiftech.com to receive your discount coupon code
  2. Customers who purchased an MCW82 and have not yet purchased a mounting kit:
    • Offer is valid worldwide; proof of purchase of the MCW82 is necessary.
    • Date of Purchase must be included between 4-16-2011 and 7-16-2011.
    • The GT400-Rev2 kit will be shipped by regular mail. Any other form of shipping is subject to charge.
    • Contact Michelle@swiftech.com to receive the GT400-Rev2 kit.
"What is the difference between the original GT400 kit and the Rev2?"
The original GT400 kit was an additional bracket interposed between the stock MCW82 hold-down plate and the PCB.  It is now discontinued.  The GT400-Rev2 kit is a replacement hold-down plate for the MCW82 including fastening hardware; and installation diagram is shown below.
"What is the difference between the G80 mounting kit and the GT400-Rev2 mounting kit?"
Both kits use the same hold-down plate. Only the fastening hardware is different.  The G82 uses posts, nuts washers and springs, whereas the GT400-Rev2 uses posts, nylon spacers, and thumb-nuts. The latter is simpler and safer to install.

The G80 fastening hardware

The GT400 Rev2 Fastening Hardware

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