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Product Description

The MCW30 is a versatile chipset water-block compatible with numerous Intel® and AMD® platforms. It's low flow restriction characteristics and wide range of useable fittings make it ideal for integration with just about any liquid cooling system. It is particularly well suited for Intel® Core 2 motherboards and high front side bus overclocks.

  • High flow and thermal performance for all system configurations
  • The water-block ships with 1/2" and 3/8" barbs in the US, and an extra pair of 1/4" fittings for Europe, guaranteing compatibility with any liquid cooling circuit
  • The NPSM thread used in the MCW30 is BSPP and G 1/4 fittings compatible (*)
  • Completely unrestricted chamber to minimize pressure drop.

Multiple mounting systems for maximum installation versatility:

  • Wire-clip mount for motherboards using 4 loops (mostly Intel® )
  • Thru-motherboard installation (two-hole mount) with slotted brackets provide a range from 2.08" (53mm) to 2.36" (60mm) center to center distance between the mounting holes. The two-hole mount is offered in two "flavors":
          o A "hard-mount" mechanism which provides superior mechanical stability and thermal contact: the hard-mount is particularly recommended for 1/2" tubing users, as it completely prevents the block from rocking sideways -and lose thermal interface due to the lateral pressures caused by the tubing. The hard-mount is compatible with most recent bare die chipsets (nVidia , Intel® ).
          o A conventional spring mount which provides compatibility when a hard mount is not possible (chipsets protected by an integrated heat spreader for example).
  •   Optional hardware available to raise the mounting brackets above capacitors in the proximity of the water-block
  • Compatible with most recent SLI motherboards

LINK: Known Compatibility list for system integration

Important Notification to Users: due to the extreme variety existing among chipset retention mechanisms, as well as location of the chipset relative to the CPU and/or other components, Swiftech® simply cannot keep track of all motherboard configurations, and guarantee compatibility. Even when the MCW30 is listed as fully compatible with a particular motherboard, there may be interferences with certain components depending on the system configuration, motherboard revision and other factors which are beyond our control. As a result, Swiftech's customer service will respond to specific queries with respect to motherboard compatibility by referring users to this page. It is the responsibility of the user to determine compatibility based on the information provided herein.

Retention mechanisms

Hardmount - EVGA 680i Northbridge

Hardmount - EVGA 680i Southbridge

Spring mount

Wire-clip mount

Overall quality & attention to details

Exceptional quality and attention to details: the copper base is lapped to 0.0003" (3/10 of 1/1000"), and polished to near-mirror finish to promote optimum thermal conductivity. Users are advised that while flatness is strictly respected for providing the most significant benefit to thermal interface, surface polish is a cosmetic component and may vary slightly from one water-block to another. Re-lapping or polishing the copper base is never recommended.


    Pressure Drop Curves

    General Specifications

  • Copper C110
  • Lapped flat to 3/10 of 1/1000", and near mirror polished
  • Injection moulded POM (Acetal Copolymer)
  • 1/4" NPSM thread
  • O-ring seal
Dimensions Length 1.75" (44mm) x Width 1.30" (33mm) x Height incl. fittings 2.1" (54mm)
2.1 oz - 60 g

Range of the mounting holes



Fittings compatibility note:

G¼, or BSPP, fittings will fit, but may not seal; each must be checked prior to assuming that it will not leak just because they fit together.

Both NPSM and G¼ (BSPP) are parallel thread and nominally the same size, the principal difference being 18 threads per inch for NPSM and 19 threads per inch for G¼ (BSPP). Since most male end G¼ fittings have a short thread length they can generally be engaged in the NPSM threads without difficulty.

The joint seal is effected with an o-ring which for the NPSM barb is in a groove on the waterblock top and compressed by the flange nut barb.
G¼ fittings have the o-ring captured in a groove under the fitting nut.

G¼ fittings will seal so long as there is a straight portion under the nut flats sufficient to bring the G¼ fittings o-ring into contact with the bottom of the o-ring groove, a depth of 0.080.

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