Upcoming Product Preview - 3/26/2011
We are pleased to report the upcoming release of a new cooling accessory for the MCP35x pump series (MCP350, 355, 35X).
This is an Aluminum extruded Heatsink that is fastened to the pump using its base screw holes and thermally connected thru a thick thermal pad/gap filer.
It can either be used in passive mode, or receive an 80mm fan, and it includes a set of rubberized feet to decouple the assembly from the chassis so as to reduce vibrations/noise.

Here are some preview images using the MCP35X+Reservoir as an example.

Test Results: Pump temperature measured using a Type-T thermocouple installed in the middle of the back side of the pump.


Ambient Temperature, C

Pump Temperature, C

No Heat sink, no Fan






MCP35X-HS + quiet 15 CFM fan





Apogee XT, MCR320-QP, ½” ID Tygon, MCP35X, MCP35X-Res, MCP35X-HS

ETA: 3~4 Weeks
The included news include forward-looking statements that may or may not materialize. Swiftech reserves the right to modify any specifications and or images published herein.

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