Update 4-15-11
Actual Product picture
Upcoming Product Preview - 4/1/2011
We are pleased to announce that Swiftech will soon be releasing a Heatsink for GeForce GTX560-TI reference boards (nVidia P1040).
Here are renderings. The heatsink has mounting holes for an optional 80x15mm fan.
The Heatsink features:
  • pre-installed thermal pads for the memory, and hard/mount (grease) for the VR's.
  • thru openings in the VR areas allowing air-flow to circulate under the sink.
  • compatiblity with MC60 and MCW80. 
ETA: 3~4 Weeks
The included news include forward-looking statements that may or may not materialize. Swiftech reserves the right to modify any specifications and or images published herein.

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