Technical bulletin

The first 200 Apogee™ XT waterblocks manufactured and sold in the United States are not compatible with Gigabyte -EX58-EXTREME, GA-EX58-UD3R GA-EX58-UD3R-SLI, GA-EX58-UD4P and GA-EX58-UD5.

All these motherboards feature a group of capacitors located flush and to the left of the CPU socket; the height (8.6mm) of these capacitors exceeds the Intel® keep-out specification of 7mm in this area. This creates an interference with the Apogee XT proper installation. Swiftech does not recommend installation of the Apogee™ XT with these motherboards because damage to the board and/or waterblock may occur.

In the best of our knowledge, the issue is STRICTLY limited to the above mentioned Gigabyte models, and does not affect ANY other models or brands on the market at this time.

All further Apogee XT waterblocks manufactured and sold worldwide feature a revision providing compatibility with these motherboards. The revision consists in a 2.5mm wide x 1.3mm deep step running along the edge of the water-block copper base to provide clearance for the capacitors. Here is how to recognize the revision:

Owners of the original Apogee™ XT water-blocks who need to install their waterblock to one of the above mentioned motherboards, please contact Swiftech customer service for a free retrofit (email michelle@swiftech.com), or return the product to you reseller for refund.
DISCLAIMER: While all efforts have been made to provide the most comprehensive information possible, Swiftech® assumes no liability expressed or implied for any damage(s) occurring to your components as a result of using Swiftech® cooling products, either due to mistake or omission on our part in the above instructions, or due to failure or defect in the Swiftech® cooling products.   In addition, Swiftech™ assumes no liability, expressed or implied, for the use of its product, and more specifically for any, and all damages caused by the use of its product to any other device in a personal computer, whether due to product failure, leak, and electrical short, and or electro-magnetic emissions.

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