MCR140-X Drive
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Bulk Shipping Information: 9 Pcs/Ctn

Product Description

The patent pending MCR140-X Drive 140mm copper and brass radiator includes a built-in windowed illuminated reservoir, and an integrated high pressure pump (MCP30 model).  

Applications for this product are multiple:

  • As a standalone item, the MCR140-X Drive is a perfect DIY solution for users who already own an all-in-one CPU cooler, and simply wish to install a secondary cooling system for one or several liquid cooled graphics cards without tearing down their existing cooling system. 
  • the MCR140-X can also be used as the foundation for a CPU cooling system in space constrained applications by simply adding a CPU waterblock and relevant accessories, 
  • or it can be used as a secondary pump/radiator/reservoir combo in complex systems requiring two pumps in series. 


As a DIY item, the MCR140-X ships without fan, coolant, or fittings. The product is compatible out of the box with all G1/4 fittings, so any tubing can be installed at the user's choice. 

What you need to build a graphics or CPU cooling system using the MCR140-X Drive as foundation:

  • A waterblock for your graphics card or your CPU 
  • A 140mm fan
  • Tubing of your choice 
  • 2 pairs of G1/4 fittings for the tubing size that you want to use, with clamps if using barb fittings, or without clamps if using compression fittings
  • Coolant


The MCR140-X carries Swiftech limited 3 year warranty. 



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Radiator Material Brass tubes, louvered copper fins, 12~14 FPI
Dimensions 150mm x 140mm x 90mm
Radiator and pump thread class G 1/4
Radiator Installation hardware
Standard: (4) 6-32 x 1 3/16 (30mm)  Philips screws  
Pump speed control
Pump Speed range
1200 ~ 3000 RPM
Pump nominal voltage
12 VDC
Pump nominal power
Pump Bearing type
Ceramic shaft, PTFE bearing
Pump Power connector
Pump RPM & PWM connector
Mini 4-pin
60,000 hours
ROHS Compliant

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Quick Installation Guide (pdf)

PWM Troubleshooting
"All the devices connected to my PWM splitter work at 100% but I cannot vary their speed"
  1. Check that the splitter mini-4 pin PWM signal cable is correctly connected to the CPU_Fan connector of the motherboard
  2. Enable "Manual Fan Control" in the motherboard BIOS
"The device(s) connected to my PWM splitter do not work"
  1. Check that the splitter power cable is connected to the power supply
  2. Check that the non-functioning device female 4-pin connector is correctly inserted in all 4 pins of the splitter connector: in effect, it may be possible to inadvertently offset the female connector by one pin by slightly forcing its insertion, so be careful about this!
"I am getting a "CPU fan error" when I turn on the computer"
  1. Make sure that a device is connected to channel 1 of the PWM splitter. If the motherboard CPU_Fan header does not read an RPM signal, it will return such error by default.
  2. Check that the device connected to Channel 1 of the PWM splitter is correctly inserted in its connector.
  3. Check that the power cable of the PWM splitter is connected to power supply.
"I connected the PWM splitter to an auxiliary 4-pin connector that was indicated as PWM capable by my Motherboard manual, but I can't vary the speed of my devices"
  1. Other than the CPU_Fan connector which is PWM enabled by default, most of the motherboards 4-pin connectors feature two methods of speed adjustment in order to allow control of both types of fans, the 3-pins which are voltage controlled, and the 4-pins which are PWM controlled. As a result, the PWM functionality must be enabled in the BIOS before it can actually work. Please consult your motherboard manual for a "how To".
  2. Since the "CPU_Fan" motherboard connector is PWM enabled by default, we recommend that you connect the splitter to the CPU_Fan connector in order to ascertain its functionality.
"I am connecting the splitter to a PWM fan controller instead of the motherboard, and it doesn't work"
  • Not all PWM fan controllers are compatible. Please read this white paper for further explanations and a list of compatible devices.


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