VGA PWM Extension cable

Price: $4.95
Part Number: VGA-PWM-EC400

Designed in the USA
ROHS Compliant
Product Description

This 15 3/4" (40cm) long electrical harness plugs into the Graphics card 4 pin fan connector, and allows the graphics card to remotely control PWM capable devices such as pump(s) and/or fan(s).  This functionality is useful when building a separate cooling loop dedicated solely to graphics cards.With this cable installed, users will be able to control and regulate the operating speed of the cooling system pump(s) and/or fan(s) based on the temperature of the graphics card using either the VGA card original software or aftermarket tools such as MSI Afterburner for instance.

To control multiple devices concurrently, we recommend using the optional Swiftech Iris-Eco PWM splitter.

In addition to the above, the harness also features a short extension cable equipped with a mini 4-pin male connector intended to provide legacy functionality for the white LED lighting systems featured in previous generations (prior to 2016) Komodo LE series waterblocks.

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