Technical Bulletin 2-9-16

Subject:  X2 series CPU looking kits

1/ Scope

We have identified a potential issue with an undetermined number of PWM splitters (revision 1) included with the above kits, and shipped to consumers and US resellers between January 15th , and January 28th.

2/ Nature of the issue

Weak solders joints of the power and signal cable to the PCB may cause wires to easily come loose.

3/ Symptoms of a defective unit

Some or all devices connected to the splitter will not operate at all or operate erratically.


4/ Resolution 

Recall of the potentially faulty revision 1 PWM splitter, and replacement by revision 2 of the splitter. 

  • Temporary cooler operations:

a.      We recommend discarding your existing revision 1 PWM splitter.

b.      The CPU cooler is thermally functional without use of the PWM splitter.  While waiting for a replacement, customers can connect their fans to the motherboard auxiliary fan headers for instance, and connect the pump pwm 4-pin connector to the motherboard “CPU_Fan” header.

  • Permanent cooler operations:  replacement of the device by the new revision 2 PWM splitter available now with the RMA procedure described below.


5/ RMA procedure:

  • Please contact us either by email at or by phone at 310-763-0336 or 888-857-9438, and all efforts will be made to send a free replacement unit within 72 hours by first class mail.
  • In order to ascertain that the unit is eligible for replacement, we ask that customers provide a picture of their existing splitter,  the serial number of their pump (located on the label affixed at the back of the pump), and a copy of the purchase invoice showing a current ship to address.
  • How to make sure that the splitter qualifies for replacement:   the potentially faulty units are ONLY revision 1 of the splitter.   Revision 2 is NOT subject to recall.  To recognize revision 1 from revision 2, please observe the top surface of the housing where the connectors are located:  revision 1 has a flat top; revision 2 has a raised center section, as shown below.









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