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REVIEWS & AWARDS 2003-2002

The MCX462-V CPU Heatsink reviewed - Nov 2003
"The Swiftech MCX462-V™ is an universally excellent heatsink for users that range from non-overclockers to extreme overclockers.The heatsink provides the foundation for cooling while the selected fan will provide the necessary heat removal. It is very evident that the people at Swiftech have planned, developed, and released an excellent product that caters to the computer user in every possible scenario from virtually silent operations all the way through to extreme overclockers." November 2003

The MC370-0A CPU Heatsink reviewed
"Personally, I've never been more impressed with a cooler before. .. this is the first cooler that I've not cringed slightly while putting it on." Oct 2003

The MCX462+ CPU Heatsink reveiwed
"This cooler has pretty much proven itself to stand tall and superior to even the best and most recent coolers on the market." Oct 2003

PC Upgrade Magazine - August 2003 issue
The H208500 Liquid Cooling Kit reviewed

IP Konfig Best of 2003 Award for the MCW5000 CPU waterblock

"Swiftech has introduced the MCW5000 series as possibly one of the most noteworthy performance water blocks that we have tested. It is durable, made with high quality workmanship." Dec 2003

System Cooling Best of 2003 Award for the MCW5000 CPU waterblock
"The MCW5000 has been around for few years now but its brilliantly engineered base, superb construction quality and unmatched performance again raise it to the top. What also makes the MCW5000 such a success is its ability to adapt to the different socket configuration. So if you’re looking for the best in water-block then look no further than the MCW5000 from Swiftech." Dec 2003

"The MCX4000 is a terrific heatsink. I can not ask for better performance from a air-cooled heatsink. If you want the best performance in a heatsink without getting too exotic, you have to buy this heatsink. The suggested retail price for this heatsink is $40 plus the cost of a cooling fan. Not bad considering the MCX478 retailed for around $70 when it was reviewed. " March 2003

"The Swiftech MCX159 chipset cooler is available for AMD systems (MCX159-A), Intel systems (MCX159-P) and a retail version (MCX159-R). The MCX159 is unlike any other chipset cooler.." November 2003

"The Swiftech MCX159-R can arguably be warranted as the currently best available active chipset cooling solution. The low noise levels and quality cooling allow for the Swiftech MCX159-R to be easily adapted into a high performance low noise environment such as a new or existing water cooling setup. The overall attention to detail and quality construction are very impressive with performance to match." October 2003

"The Swiftech MCX159 is a great product, but which one do we pick, the NorthPole we reviewed a few days ago, or the MCX159? First of all, the fan on the MCX159 is less noisy. The MCX159 is also slightly smaller which helps when using extremely large heatsinks on your CPU. The MCX159 comes in two versions and is more widely available than the NorthPole. The MCX159 does cost a little more, but it is made right here in the good old USA. I would say those are more than enough reasons to pick the MCX159 for your NB cooling needs! " October 2003

"Is this cooler for everybody? Definitely not. But if you’re looking to squeeze every last Mhz out of your system, then the MCX462+T [thermoelectric cooler]... is probably for you." May 2003

"In most cases, unpacking a heatsink is nothing special, but when that heatsink is a Swiftech, there is almost a feeling of reverence that goes with the process, like I’m unpacking a fabulous objet d’art rather than a part for a computer...Whether used in an extreme quiet or an extreme performance environment, this [MCX462+™] heatsink excels...if you add to the equation the excellent motherboard compatibility boasted by the Swiftech unit, you have a heatsink that takes its place at the top of the curve of all the heatsinks we’ve tested." May 2003

"..An old friend made its way to the THG laboratory in the shape of the MCX462+™ from Swiftech...We calculated a thermal resistance of 0.34°C/W; the die temperature under peak load was just 47°C. In this combination, the MCX462+™ is one of the most powerful air coolers on the market. And this cooling solution has no problems, even with high-clock CPUs" January 2003

"Buy a quiet fan and this MCX462-V™ heatsink and you will have great cooling with a quiet computer. We can not do anything else than recommend this heatsink as many other sites has also done. It's a great cooler that deserves 5 out of 5 and a recommendation for superb cooling and a GREAT clip system for very easy installation." December 2003

"The results speak for themselves. The Swiftech MCX462-V™ is an excellent choice in the war against heat and noise...Swiftech took the route less traveled with this heat sink, designing a heat sink to out-cool the competition with a high CFM or a low CFM fan installed.The mounting mechanism was the most innovative and easy to use that I have ever seen..." December 2003

The Swedish review site"64 Bits" tests the MCX462-V™ against the SLK-947 and finds it to beat its competitor straight across the board as shown below, crowning the MCX462-V™ with the Best Product Award. November 2003

"The Swiftech MCX462-V™Heatsink is designed a lot differently than most heatsinks. It has many aluminum ribbed fins which are positioned and designed to provide optimum cooling and reduce fan noise." October 2003

"when used with a rheostat to tune down the fan as needed, you just can't beat it. Performance wise, the Swiftech MCX462-V™ is the best we have ever seen. Quality wise, you get the same ultra high quality you've come to expect from Swiftech. " October 2003

"I don't have any problem recommending this [MCX462-V™] heatsink to anyone serious about air-cooling. In fact, I think it's one of the best available--with a hefty fan. True, Swiftech heatsinks are not budget products, as they’re built to do a job that others can’t match. Swiftech understands the importance of preventing CPU burnup, so its quality and workmanship go beyond those of other heatsinks I’ve seen...For those running servers--at least a 3U of course--I highly recommend this heatsink. Because we still see fair performance on a low CFM fan, the odds of this heatsink working well enough even with a dead fan are good." September 2003

"The Swiftech team should be commended for doing what no other heatsink manufacturer has been able to accomplish, and that is to develop a heatsink that has the flexibility of being the new world leader in both the Extreme Air Cooling category and the ever growing Quiet Air Cooling category. " September 2003 

"If you are looking for versitile cooling for that hot AMD cpu, the MCX462-V™ is a great choice. It works great as a low noise option and exceptionally well for those high overclocks. Swiftech has done a great job bringing a single product that can handle both extremes of the PC market." October 2003

"The Swiftech MCX478-V™ heatsink is designed to fit the socket 478 and offers all the performance of the MCX462-V heatsink which was released a few months ago." November 2003

"Installation of the MCX478-V™ couldn't be much easier..The performance turned in by the Swiftech MCX478-V clearly demonstrates that it is suitable for an impressively wide range of applications. It runs with equal efficiency whether utilized in extreme quiet or extreme performance situations." November 2003 

"Cooling Product of the Year. A company that constantly pushes the envelope with their watercooling kits, Swiftech, has earned our choice for best cooling solution over the last year for the H20 Water Cooling Kit. This is certainly one of the most difficult categories to choose a single winner, making it almost appropriate to select watercooling technology, as a whole, for this year's winner. Watercooling technology has continued to evolve providing a safe and effective way to cool even the hottest of processors at a level that no HSF could hope to match." December 2002

"For its performance, and the smart thinking of Swiftech (easy mounting, protection against cracking cores) I'd like to give this [MCXC370] a 9.5/10 (nothing's perfect)." April 2002  

"it is now apparent that the MCXC370 is clearly superior to any other heatsinks we've tested so far" April 2002  

"What can we say?! The Swiftech MCXC370 is an awesome heatsink. It is clearly one of the best heatsinks out there" March 2002  

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this [MCXC370] heatsink to anyone in need of a cooler, whether it be for everyday computing, or some overclocking goodness" Feb 2002  

"Coupling the MCXC370 with the Papst 33cfm fan provides good performance but without the noise and vibration of other higher-powered clip based units" Feb 2002

"Great performance, good quality, foolproof installation" January 2002   

"The MCXC370, for it's solid construction, excellent clip design and above average performance has earned a rating of "90" on our 3DVelocity scale" Jan 2002  

"I am going to give the MCXC370 heatsink from Swiftech a 9 out of 10. I still can't believe the quality of Swiftech heatsinks!" Jan 2002  

"..As you can definitely see, the Swiftech MCXC370 Kicks Major Bootay. Did it knock my ThermalRight SK-6 off of the block? Why heck ya it did. Who would I recommend this heat sink to? Everyone. If you buy an AMD CPU and you do not buy the Swiftech MCXC370, then something is clearly wrong with you. My now most favorite heat sink in the world, the Swiftech MCXC370.."  Jan 2002  

...from our overclockers friends in Brasil the MCXC370 copper base heatsink collects the editor's choice, ranking first among 25 of our fiercest competitors! Jan 2002  

"the MCXC370 appears to be the best compromise for high efficiency cooling without too much noise annoyance" Jan 2002  

"The MCXC370 takes an Olympic style triple jump!  If you are looking for a new high end cooler and don't want to be messing around with mounting a heatsink through the holes in your mainboard..then this cooler is one on the short list.  As a matter of fact, this cooler is going to stay put in my personal box.."  Jan 2002

"...at $57USD the Swiftech MCX4000 offers users an increase in performance over the standard Intel stock 478 heatsink and that means much more room for overclocking... The noise generated by the TMD fan is of a lower pitch than standard brushless fans and coupled with the MCX4000 - offers up an excellent cooling combination". July 2002
  • Quality   99%
  • Price   100%
  • Innovation   99%
  • Performance   94%
  • Design   99%
  • Total   98%

"If you're looking to get the most out of your Northwood Pentium 4, you need look no further than the MCX-4000. It easily outpeformed the rest of the coolers I tested it against, even with a very modest fan." Dec 2002

"The MCX4000 outperformed all the coolers we've tested today, fan sizes aside. In terms of air cooling, whether you prefer fans to be silent, or flat out loud, the MCX4000 is up to the task. Unless you choose to go water, you'll be hard pressed to find a better heatsink." December 2002

"Swiftech has done an amazing job, personally I haven't ever seen a heatsink [the MCX4000™] with such a great designs and looks. As with everything which is the best, the price is high, ... But I say (and the temperatures say) that it's worth it!" October 2002 

"If you said that I like the MCX-4000's performance and low temperatures, that would very much an understatement; if you were to say that I love it because of how well it performs and how sharp it looks you'd be closer to the mark. This is one product that will easily meet or exceed your expectations in performance and looks." September 2002

Alpha PAL8942 vs Swiftech MCX4000

"Both these heatsinks are of very high quality and each one has it´s advantages and disadvantages. But in the end I would have to choose the Swiftech" September 2002 

MCX4000™ vs. MCX478™

"If you are looking for the very best P4 cooler money can buy, the MCX4000 should be on your list" September 2002 

Thermalright AX-478 vs. Alpha PAL-8045 vs. Swiftech MCX4000-B™
"there is only one "KING" and for today at least, the Swiftech MCX-4000B wears the crown!!" September 2002

"Now you think you have seen a heatsink? You obviously haven’t seen the MCX4000™ Socket 478 Cooler from Swiftech. This would have to be one of the coolest looking heatsinks I have ever seen" September 2002

MCX4000 VS aLPHA pAL 8942
"The Swiftech MCX4000™ is clearly performing better than the Alpha 8942 if fitted with the same fan. When using the preinstalled Y.S. Tech TMD fan, the MCX4000™ is [...]still doing great at much better audio levels ;)" August 2002 

"The battle between the two best heatsink manufacturers [Alpha Pal 8942 vs. MCX4000] has ended and the winner crowned. Swiftech still lives up to its name and proves itself to be the champion." August 2002

"Overclockers and people who want a quieter running system should look especially hard at the MCX-4000 with the stock YS Tech TMD fan. Why?? The performance is there without half of the perceived noise level of the Delta fan ..What more can be said about the MCX4000 that I and other reviewers haven't already said? The quality, finish and performance are unmatched, yet without costing an arm and a leg, you too can have the best!!" August 2002  

"The Swiftech MCX4000™ Heatsink with the Tip Magnetic Drive Fan is simply an unbelievable combo for fantastic cooling results. The heatsink itself has a huge copper base with 429 pins and a very quiet fan that spins 5800 RPM and pushes about 36.8 CFM of air. Achieving great cooling results at reasonable noise levels puts this cooler in a class of its own." July 2002

"...typical Swiftech quality with secure mounting...top rank of heatsinks. The MCX4000 delivers very good cooling at noise levels that are not excessive". July 2002 

"The MCX462+™ 's load performance results really blew me away. Both at default and overclocked speeds, the heatsink managed to keep the AthlonXP 2000+ at astoundingly low temperatures while under 100% load - over ten degrees lower than stock cooling." December 2002

"I do believe Swiftech got it right with this MCX462+T™ HSF. You can pretty much guarantee that it will give you at the very least a 50-100mhz increase in overall speed over any heatsink on the market that doesn't use a peltier.." December 2002

"...When it comes to aircooling your CPU, your simply not going to get any better than this [ MCX462+™] . Swiftech once again raises the performance bar to an unprecedented level and will surely send the competition scrambling back to the drawing boards..." November 2002

"..if you’re looking for a no-holds-barred Kick-Ass cooling solution that is certainly better than most other models on the market, then go out and pick up one of these [ MCX462+™] babies. The sheer cooling prowess of this cooler is well above the norm and will make even the most power hungry of enthusiast happy.." November 2002

"Bottom Line: For Athlon coolers, we've yet to come across a better air cooler than the Swiftech MCX462+™. Of course, you pay for that performance, but that's a small price to pay for this level of performance. Other coolers may sell for slightly less, but in most cases they don't perform as well." November 2002

"I found the performance of the Swiftech MCX462+™ to be the best I have tested to date... If you .. are an overclocker, live in a place with unusually high ambient temperatures or just someone who wants the very best performing air cooling solution on the market then you need look no further." November 2002 

"It takes a LOT to deliver an effective, aircooled TEC heatsink for an AMD hotty. Swiftech's MCX462+T™ is an excellent example of what it takes" October 2002  

"The Swiftech MCX462+™ improved the temperatures in my system by 2 degrees Celsius, and definitely lives up to it's praise in the heatsink world" October 2002 

"Die Simulator results place the MCX462+™.. in the top rank of heatsinks.. Swiftech's MCX462+ is extremely well made and a top notch performer " September 2002  


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