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REVIEWS & AWARDS 2009-2008

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"I’m rather impressed with the Swiftech Apogee™ XT Extreme Performance CPU Waterblock. Combined with the rest of the cooling system this is the coolest the test bench has run when overclocked...If you're looking to make the jump to a full on custom water cooling setup, or even upgrade your current setup, the Swiftech Apogee XT should be on your short list of waterblocks." December 2009

Mad Shrimps award

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"With the Apogee™ XT, Swiftech has regained precious ground on the top European block, the Heatkiller 3.0. It even manages to beat it on my test configuration!.. We got a new king to cool down your favorite CPU, even though the win isn't by a big margin on my simple loop setup. The improvement however over the previous flagship, the GTZ, is incredible." December 2009

AwardFabrik Ranking

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German Web Site AwardFabrik reviews 10 top performance Waterblocks and declares Apogee XT the winner

"As mentioned the winner is clear - and it is the Apogee™ XT from Swiftech. This water cooler has everything your heart desires. Our processor he could in the cold stress test on the top and in the flow test it reaches values corresponding to the average. Furthermore, the right equipment, it shall submit to the Swiftech cooler a backplate for optimal assembly and also with very good thermal paste and matching high-flow ports. The harmonious overall package with super power is available for 70 €." December 2009

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"Pardon me while I gush for a bit, but this [Apogee™ XT] block is amazing. With it you get the best performance of any block on the market, you get the best mounting system of any block on the market (with no extra cost or disassembly procedures to switch sockets), you get full compatibility with all G1/4 fittings (something that's increasingly rare with high performance blocks), and you even can get a little more performance out of it if you've got tinker-itis. The other amazing thing about this block is just how well it performs in low flow scenarios. Of all the blocks I've tested, it's the most resilient to low flow rates and when you add that to best-as-tested performance in normal and high flow scenarios, that equates to untouchable performance in low flow scenarios." October 2009

swemod award

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"..I can really recommend this H20-220 Apex Ultima kit, both for overclockers who would like to push their system to the max as you also have the great addition of "Stack" radiators..But I can also recommend this for the normal gamer and for people who're a little more handy than normal. As long as you know what's inside a computer and what a screw and screwdriver is you can definitely install this kit in your computer and benefit from the better cooling and the increased silence from your computer rig." June 2009


bit tech

"it should come as no surprise that the H20-220 Apex Ultima performs significantly better than any of the atrocious low-cost, all-in-one water-cooling kits that some manufacturers continue force onto the market. Compared to their Lada-like performance and build quality, the Apex Ultima is a Formula One car" May 2009

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CoollT Freezone Elite vs. Swiftech cooling:
Can it handle a Ci7 quad core at 3.8 Ghz overclock?
May 2009

MCX159 Chipset cooler review

Pure OC Editor's choice

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"Let me say that we fell in love with the GTZ block when we reviewed it and we've now fell in love with the MCW-NBMAX all this time around. It’s so darn sexy that we can’t stop looking at it (yes, we know how foolish that sounds, oh well). The MCW-NBMAX not only has the look but also the performance to simply outclass the vaunted ASUS heatpipes. Overall, the Northbridge load temperature dropped by 13°C and the Southbridge benefits from the NBMAX as well, seeing a temperature drop of 10°C. With the MCW-NBMAX installed, the northbridge temperature never passed the 42°C mark, with our test rig remained very consistent and stable during all of our test runs." December 2008

Xtreme CPU

Swiftech GTZ and the Core i7 965

"Once again we are very impressed with the GTZ, so much so in fact that this block is going to be the featured CPU waterblock in XCPUS.com's upcoming Ultimate Rig (Leviathan)." December 2008

bjorn 3d seal of approval

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"I can't say enough about the [Apogee™ GTZ] retention system. It is simple to work with (after the back plate is installed the first time) and it makes for getting consistent installs a breeze. " October 2008

+  Great Performance
+  Extra Headroom For Overclocking
+  Delrin top removes aluminum from system (no mixed metals)
+  Fantastic retaining system (even if you do have to remove the mother board)
+  Excellent craftsmanship


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"The Swiftech Apogee™ GTZ performed really well today and managed to just edge out the XSPC Delta V3 to take the gold. The Swiftech® Apogee™ GTZ facilitates very respectable flow and at the same time experiences very little pressure drop. The Apogee™ GTZ would be an excellent addition to any water-cooled setup and would work really well in a multi-block loop." October 2008

editors choice

Pure OC

"The bottom line here is that Swiftech has produced an absolute gem of a CPU water block, and one that should last you well into your next system, seeing as it's also compatible with Intel's upcoming 1366 socket if you have any plans to upgrade. We came away very impressed with this product, and we have no hesitation in recommending that the Swiftech® Apogee™ GTZ water block should be at the very top of your purchase shortlist. " September 2008

Xtreme CPU

 Apogee™GTZ vs.EK Supreme & D-Tek Fusion

"..Right off the bat we can see that the GTZ sits a few degrees cooler than both rivals, the Supreme and FuZion v2..That trend continues with load temps.  More impressively is how much of a difference you get with the GTZ.  Up to 3C is most impressive...In conclusion, if you are looking for the best of the best, Swiftech has risen to the top with their Apogee GTZ.  This water block will provide you with at least a few degrees cooler temps and as an enthusiast and heavy overclocker, I invite those temps!" September 2008

martin's liquid labs

Apogee GTZ review

  • The BEST MOUNTING MECHANISM TO DATE!!, this not only allows a perfect mount , it does so with high pressure and easy to reproduce for all users.
  • Amazing performance! duplicates and ties the very well regarded D-Tek Fuzion V2
  • One of the most COMPLETE ACCESSORY PACKAGE I've seen.
  • Average Restriction.  Not very restrictive and will work well with multiple block loops or smaller pumps.
  • Back-plate is and all accessories needed are INCLUDED!!!  VERY NICE!!
  • Delrin (Black Acetal) top, steel hold down, and brass screw inserts ensure long term durability.
  • High quality oversized metal barbs in both 1/2" ID and 3/8" ID tubing sizes.
  • High quality fabrication, overall quality is superb


ApogeeGTZ vs. EK Supreme at Xtreme Forums

"With thermal performance equal to the EK with less pressure drop, and a better mounting mechanism than the Fuzion Pro mount (which I removed from the Fuzion while testing) Swiftech has a real winner on it’s hands.

I’All give it my 5 dead horses award as the highest honor that I can bestow on any block."
August 2008

tom's hardware

The H20-120 Compact liquid cooling kit is featured in Tom's Hardware system builder Marathon

"we can't possibly overstress the value of a high-end case and cooling configuration for turning a run-of-the-mill performance system into a dream machine. To be quite honest, the liquid-cooled case of our previous high-end machine would have been more valuable as scrap metal - it is in no way comparable to the quality of Silverstone's Temjin TJ09, and the functionality of our custom-selected Swiftech liquid cooling kit...Swiftech's liquid cooling kit fits it perfectly, requiring no drilling or other modifications, and everything tucks neatly inside the case for easy transport and a clean appearance."

H20-120 Review

"Swiftech H2O-220 Compact liquid-cooling has certainly made the most favorable impression. I don’t think I have to repeat that the cooling efficiency of this system is far beyond any competition against mass production liquid-cooling solutions "

Dual quad-core H20-220 cooled" Skulltrail" system review at Motherboards.org

Intel's Q6600 Quad Core at 4 Ghz with the H20-220 Compact!

"It is without a doubt, Swiftech has taken a solid product the H20-120 Compact and vastly improved it for higher powered quad core systems.  We have definitely broached ground that is untouchable by air.  And to make the deal even sweeter, the H2O-220 Compact is only marginally more expensive than the 120, running about $40 more.  If you are looking for an easy way to introduce yourself to the world of water cooling, this is hands down the best way to do it."

The Swiftech H2O-220 weighs in at around $180 retail, which puts it in line with other manufacturers water cooling kits. The difference being however that unlike many such kits, the Swiftech H2O-220 can be said to outperform nearly any other air-cooled product on the market. Not bad for a pre-assembled, easy to install kit.
A big OCIA.net Approval goes to the Swiftech H2O-220 Compact water cooling kit

Concluding, we have to say that the Swiftech Apex Ultra H20-220 is a good combination of quality components and retail package. Everything is included to get things started and after a little effort, your system would be water cooled. If you case is large enough to handle the big radiator, your will see a significant drop in processor temperatures, especially when overclocking. Overall a good product, aimed for hardcore overclockers and enthusiasts, but with a corresponding price tag.

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