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REVIEWS & AWARDS 2011-2010

Swiftech® H20-X20 Edge kits earn Tweaktown's Editor's Choice Award - Read More
"If you are in the market for a loop that offers a much easier installation and plenty of room to grow as your cooling needs or block purchases progress, the new H20-X20 Edge HD kits are well worth the money" - Dec 2011

Swiftech® H20-320 Edge kit earns 2011 Reader Choice Award for Best Liquid System - Read more

The H20-320 Edge Liquid Cooling kit earns the "Editor's Choice" Award at XBitLabs.com - Read Full Article...
"Swiftech H2O-X20 Edge is a high-quality and high-class liquid-cooling system with incredible efficiency." - July 2011

German Reviewer Compares 6 Radeon 6970 waterblocks, Komodo HD6900 takes the Gold - Read More
"The Swiftech Komodo is the largest and most lavishly produced cooler in this roundup"  July 2011

H20-220 Edge  Kit review: "The Swiftech H20-220 Edge kit not only looks like a custom water cooling kit but it performs like it as well. We were pleasantly surprised as to how easy the kit was to install and get up and running" - July 2011

Polaris 120 Review:  "In summary, the Swiftech Polaris 120 does perform very well for its price point. If you were in the market for a mid-range cooler, I would consider this an excellent product for the price. Just make sure you have ample free time to install it properly. As a final perk, The Polaris 120 does look pretty nice once it’s installed, too." June 2011

Polaris 120 Review: "In testing, sure success is what we observed. Able to handle a hexacore processor overclocked and overvolted, side-by-side with a top of the line liquid cooling kit like the H20-320 Edge, the Polaris 120 does what few other air coolers could do" - May 2011

Polaris 120 Review: "It's great to see Switech jump back into the air cooling arena, and they've brought their sharp sense of design style to the Polaris. If you're looking for a sexy air cooling solution that will handle some mild-to-moderate overclocking, the Swiftech Polaris 120 is a good choice." - May 2011

Polaris 120 Video Review: "Swiftech is known for their quality custom products, and I have to say I really really like this CPU air cooler." - May 2011

TechReaction Gold Award
Polaris 120 Review: "..Swiftech promised to deliver a good bang for your buck product and they delivered." - April 2011

Hardware Analisis Gold Award
Polaris 120 Review: "..Swiftech is heavily focused on engineering and that is felt in this product." - April 2011

Turkship Golden Award
Polaris 120 Review: "..one of the best coolers that we can find these days." - April 2011

Link to Performance Award at Mega-Labs.com
Polaris 120 Review:  "The Polaris 120 surely does not look as mass or impressive as some other coolers out in the market, but it surely is a fantastic CPU cooler with such outstanding performance that we could easily say it is one of the best single 120mm fan CPU coolers that we have tested so far. It managed to outperform giants like the Noctua NH-C14. MSRP of Polaris 120 is around 59USD and it is not expensive at all for a complete set of a tower CPU cooler. Furthermore it comes with high quality PWM intelligent fan which helps to gain performance and low temps.." April 2011

Overclockers Online Editor's Choice Award
Polaris 120 Review: "Swiftech’s name may have fallen out of enthusiast thoughts for air cooling, but the Polaris 120 is poised to put their name right back in the conversation. The Polaris 120 is certainly worth the look if you are looking for high end air cooling. " Mar 2011

Tweaktown's Editor's Choice Award
Polaris 120 Review:  "This cooler may not offer the flashy LEDs, or a huge plastic shroud that takes up a ton of room with little effect. This is simply the right amount of cooler to get the job done, and get the job done well. Of course, it has its attractive points. The white fan blades would make this an attractive addition to any Fractal case, but with the simple black and white theme of the cooler, there isn't really a system the Polaris 120 won't make an attractive addition to...Taking advantage of all the trends and tricks of the trade spawned a real winner with the Polaris 120. There isn't one aspect about this cooler that made me think "why did they do that" or "this cooler could really use this". There just isn't anything they missed here." Mar 2011

"..Swiftech has taken one of the most popular water cooling pumps [The MCP355], added smart PWM speed control features, reprogrammed the RPM scaling for even higher performance, and included a very well designed pump top. All of this comes in a factory warranty package, very nice!" - Feb 2011


"To sum it up in a simple phrase, the MCP35X is a big deal. [..] PWM control of your pump is the game changer here. [..] The ability to change speeds when load/temperature increases without having to manually adjust the settings is a godsend, and now we can do this with our pump too… that is huge! [...] The MCP35X is the best overall performing Laing pump I have tested to date..." Jan 2011

Pure OC Editors Choice

Pure OC Logo

"... the H2O-320 Edge is indeed a unique liquid cooling kit. [..]  It is a new evolution of the water cooling kit and the world’s first “traditional” setup that combines a reservoir, pump and radiator in a whole unit to eliminate the tubing cluster without compromising the performance.  Not only does the performance stay impressively strong, the whole setup is extremely user-friendly as well. " Dec 2010

Overclockers.com Logo

"Overall this is an impressive kit. The performance should be right up there with a custom loop [..] The H20-220 Edge has the flexibility to upgrade to future blocks for upcoming sockets, great performance [..], quiet operation [..], the ability to crank it up for some benching sessions when every degree Celsius counts, and expandability to put more into the loop [..] when you are ready." Nov 2010

Tweak Town Editors Choice

Tweak Town logo

"If only you could see the smile on my face when I think about what the H2O-320 Edge kit offers. Not only does it take away a lot of the issues found in a kit you shopped all the pieces for separately [..] I can tell you the pricing is spot on, and if you are in the market for a new loop capable of handling today’s hottest components [..], this is definitely the solution for you. " Nov 2010

overclockers online editors choice

overclockers online logo

"Swiftech’s H20-320 Edge kit comes ready to perform as the numbers clearly show. [..]it is designed with expansion in mind. [..] This is also what sets it apart from many kits on the market today that are a closed loop design [..] the H20-320 Edge offers an easily accessible water cooling system for beginners and experienced users alike." Oct 2010

Motherboards.org logo
Video Review H20-220 Edge Liquid Cooling kit - Oct 2010

overclockers hq editors choice

"Overall I was very impressed with the temps [..] And it looks pretty awesome!..if you are at all into serious overclocking or system building and you do not have custom water, its about time to take the plunge….pardon the pun. The Swiftech H20-320 Edge Water Cooling Kit is gorgeous and anyone would be happy sporting one of these on their performance rigs." Oct 2010



First review of the new H20-320 Edge liquid cooling kit

"Although many dyed-in-the-wool water cooling users will turn their nose up at a liquid cooling kit, [..] I'd have to say the Swiftech kits are by far the best..If you're looking to build a liquid cooled rig and don't want to mess around with buying parts piecemeal, the Edge kits are absolutely a great way to go." Sept 2010

editors choice

Pure OC logo

Core™ i7 Water Block Roundup:
Watercool Heatkiller 3.0 vs. Koolance CPU 360 vs. EK Supreme HF vs. Swiftech® Apogee™ XT
"The Apogee XT provides the best overall combination of design, ease of installation, included accessories, and thermal performance in the roundup" May 2010

overclockers tech award

overclockers tech logo

"The Apogee™ XT is a superb water block, without question. Swiftech has once again reclaimed the title of best block on the market...Due to the outstanding nature of this block, its construction, its performance and the astounding customer service Swiftech has to back up its product ... we are happy to award the  Apogee XT Overclockers Tech's [..] first ever 10/10 and a gold award to go along with it!" Jan 2010

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