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REVIEWS & AWARDS 2012-2013

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Swiftech® Maelstrom 5 1/4" Bay reservoirs receives Tech of Tomorrow Editor's choice Award - Read More
"Swiftech took a seemingly simple idea and turn it into a viable product that steps up the bar for reservoirs in today’s modern PCs"

Swiftech's Lok-Seal compression fittings reviewed at Tweaktown, receive best value award - Read Article
"Swiftech really did a nice job with this line of products and definitely should put a dent in BitsPower's hold on the fitting market in water cooling"

Swiftech's Maelstrom bay reservoir receives Editor's Choice Award from Tweaktown! Read Article - Product Page
...but I can speak for the standalone Maelstrom we just took a look at, and I have to say I am really impressed..listing price of the Maelstrom as you just saw is worth every penny and some."

“I don't really care what system you are building, this is a perfect solution to any water cooling build […] Swiftech® did a great job with the development, incorporation of ideas and components, and pulled it off to deliver a product that should shock and awe those who thought they had the best CPU block money could buy - that was until they saw this.”

Swiftech® H20-320 Edge liquid cooling kit earns Golden Bear Award from Bjorn3D - Read More
"For new users apprehensive to enter the world of watercooling, Swiftech has the H20-320 Edge HD series which gives excellent performance, a much easier-to-install package, and much quicker and simpler component selection. We at Bjorn3D highly recommend this cooler for beginners all the way up to the most advanced enthusiasts for its performance, value and ease of use/installation."

Swiftech® Apogee HD CPU waterblock reviewed vs. all top competitiors at Martin's Liquid Labs, earns best performance spot - Read More
"Thermal Performance is #1 [..] with the best mount ever tested [..] It is without a doubt the best mounting system in the industry"

In an in-depth review, Swiftech®H20-X20 Edge series Liquid Cooling Kits earn XBit Laboratories Editors choice Award - Read More
"The new systems deliver unprecedented efficiency, unattainable even for the best air-coolers[...]At the same time, these systems didn’t become more expensive, but on the contrary, are even cheaper than their predecessors." March 2012

Swiftech® Apogee HD CPU waterblock receives PureOC.com Editor's Choice Award -Read More
"Apogee HD has answered the call of water cooling enthusiasts with better flow rate, performance with flexible features, great aesthetics, and a price that doesn’t break the bank" March 2012

Swiftech's VGA cooling technology earns Gold Award in GTX580 full cover waterblock shootout - Read More
March 2012


Swiftech®H20-220 Edge Liquid Cooling Kit receives Legit Reviews Editor's Choice Award - Read More
"The Swiftech H2O-220 Edge HD kit is well built, well put together, and easy to install. The $230 cost may seem steep to some, but the ability for the kit to be upgraded to grow with the user's need and installation flexibility make it worth it."  - Feb 2012

Swiftech® Apogee HD CPU waterblock receives Gold Award at OCIA - Read More
"[Swiftech's] claims of increased performance, backed up by our own testing, are confirmed by an observed 2° to 4°C improvement in temperature.."  - Feb 2012



Swiftech®H20-X20 Edge kits earn Tweaktown's Editor's Choice Award - Read More
"If you are in the market for a loop that offers a much easier installation and plenty of room to grow as your cooling needs or block purchases progress, the new H20-X20 Edge HD kits are well worth the money" - Jan 2012


Swiftech®H20-320 Edge kit earns 2011 Reader Choice Award for Best Liquid System - Read more - Jan 2012

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