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Product Description
Product Description
The Polaris 120 high performance heat pipe heatsink marks Swiftech® re-entry into the mainstream air-cooling arena.
The lead concept for this product is value: packing the maximum performance and broadest range of utilizations in an affordable yet qualitative offering.

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  • (5) 8mm heat pipes the hottest heat pipes (directly above the CPU) are arranged to receive the maximum amount of air-flow for optimized thermal performance.
  • Fins form wind tunnels for optimum air-flow, resulting in more efficient use of the fan, therefore better cooling.
  • Direct-touch base technology provides an optimized transfer of the heat to the pipes.
  • A single high Power (84CFM) PWM controlled 120mm fan is included:
    • Being PWM controlled, the fan plugs into the motherboard CPU fan header, and users can either let the motherboard manage the fan speed, or tune it to their own specifications; the speed ranges from 750 to 2500 RPM allowing a wide range of operations:  from ultra-quiet all the way to extreme cooling for seriously overclocked processors.
  • Relatively compact footprint (Width 135 mm x Depth 91 mm x Height 152 mm including fan).
  • Mounting system includes retention brackets for all popular processors:
    • Intel® Socket 775, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011. 
    • AMD® Socket 754, 939, 940, F, AM2, AM3
  • Competitively priced, yet with a broader range of operations compared to other high-end coolers.
Direct-Touch Base

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The hottest heat pipes (those directly above the CPU core), receive the most airflow.


The center section of the fins form an enclosure in front of the fan hub where air flow is at its lowest, and the edges of the fins are closed. This creates two wind tunnels maximizing airflow around the heat pipes.  The shape of the fins and central enclosure create a calculated restriction towards the exit to regulate the air velocity across the entire fin length.

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·         Speed control: Via Motherboard PWM (4 pin)
·         Nominal Voltage: 12v
·         Max Current: 0.32A
·         Airflow range 26 ~ 84 CFM
·         Noise range 13.2 ~ 41.5 dBA
·         Speed range 750 ~ 2500 RPM ±250RPM
·         Bearing: Hydraumatic
·         Life 30,000 Hours
·         Fin material: aluminum
·         Heat pipes: 8mm sintered copper
·         Direct-touch patented base technology
Weight: 1lb 14oz (849 g) including fan

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"In summary, the Swiftech® Polaris 120 does perform very well for its price point. If you were in the market for a mid-range cooler, I would consider this an excellent product for the price." June 2011

Polaris 120 review at OCIA
"In testing, sure success is what we observed. Able to handle a hexacore processor overclocked and overvolted, side-by-side with a top of the line liquid cooling kit like the H20-320 Edge, the Polaris 120 does what few other air coolers could do" - May 2011

"It's great to see Switech jump back into the air cooling arena, and they've brought their sharp sense of design style to the Polaris. If you're looking for a sexy air cooling solution that will handle some mild-to-moderate overclocking, the Swiftech® Polaris 120 is a good choice." - May 2011

Polaris 120 Video Review: "Swiftech® is known for their quality custom products, and I have to say I really really like this CPU air cooler." - May 2011

TechReaction Gold Award
Polaris 120 Review: "..Swiftech® promised to deliver a good bang for your buck product and they delivered." - April 2011

Hardware Analisis Gold Award
Polaris 120 Review in Spanish Language: "..Swiftech® is heavily focused on engineering and that is felt in this product." - April 2011

Turkship Golden Award
Polaris 120 Review in Turkish Language: "..one of the best coolers that we can find these days." - April 2011

Link to Performance Award at Mega-Labs.com
"The Polaris 120 surely does not look as mass or impressive as some other coolers out in the market, but it surely is a fantastic CPU cooler with such outstanding performance that we could easily say it is one of the best single 120mm fan CPU coolers that we have tested so far. It managed to outperform giants like the Noctua NH-C14. MSRP of Polaris 120 is around 59USD and it is not expensive at all for a complete set of a tower CPU cooler. Furthermore it comes with high quality PWM Intel® ligent fan which helps to gain performance and low temps.." April 2011

Overclockers Online Editor's Choice Award
"Swiftechs name may have fallen out of enthusiast thoughts for air cooling, but the Polaris 120 is poised to put their name right back in the conversation. The Polaris 120 is certainly worth the look if you are looking for high end air cooling. " Mar 2011

Tweaktown's Editor's Choice Award
"This cooler [The Polaris 120] may not offer the flashy LEDs, or a huge plastic shroud that takes up a ton of room with little effect. This is simply the right amount of cooler to get the job done, and get the job done well. Of course, it has its attractive points. The white fan blades would make this an attractive addition to any Fractal case, but with the simple black and white theme of the cooler, there isn't really a system the Polaris 120 won't make an attractive addition to...Taking advantage of all the trends and tricks of the trade spawned a real winner with the Polaris 120. There isn't one aspect about this cooler that made me think "why did they do that" or "this cooler could really use this". There just isn't anything they missed here." Mar 2011

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