Price: Discontinued
Part Number: MCW80-GTX470

Product Description

The MCW80 GTX 470 is a hybrid cooling solution combining the MCW80 waterblock and the GTX470 heatsink.

Available versions:
  • MCW80 GTX480, for nVidia 's GeForce™ GTX 480 reference design P1022
  • MCW80 GTX470, for nVidia 's GeForce™ GTX 470 reference design P1025

Features and benefits

The performance advantage of the MCW80 GPU cooler over full-cover water-block solutions is well known among enthusiast users: improved thermal conductivity thanks to Swiftech's Diamond Pin Matrix, and less heat dumped into the liquid cooling loop coming from memory, I/O and power mosfets since they remain air cooled. Thus, when coupled with the GTX-400 heatsinks, the combination provides a powerful cooling solution that is generally more economical than the average full-cover water-block while offering superior performance where it really counts: at the GPU level!

Another important factor in choosing this type of hybrid cooling solution is that when new graphics cards models are introduced, the Water-block itself can usually be re-used. Numerous users have testified in forums to have been keeping their MCW60 upwards of 5 years, and re-used them with several generations of graphics cards!

The GTX-470 heatsink is custom Aluminum extrusions, and is precision CNC machined to allow optimum TIM joints with the hottest components such as the voltage regulator modules, where high performance thermal grease is to be used. Less heat intensive components such as memory receive pre-applied thermal pads, as shown below.


The GTX470-HS back side, showing pre-applied thermal pads for the memory, and bare metal pedestals to be used with thermal grease.

In order to provide additional cooling in extreme overclocking/overvolting conditions, the heatsink features pre-drilled holes allowing the installation of an optional 80mm fans as shown below. Use of a low profile 80x15mm fan is recommended to maintain the 2-slot spacing necessary for SLI installations.

The GTX470-HS heatsink, shown with an 80x15mm fan

Finally, to guarantee a safe and stable assembly, a GPU stiffening frame (partl #GTX400) is included that replaces the frame built into the stock cooling solution. This bracket is important to maintain the PCB flat in the immediate area surrounding the GPU. The bracket also serves as an anchor to install the MCW80 waterblock.


The GTX400 stiffening frame



The MCW80 with standard mounting bracket
is anchored into the GT400frame

Pictures Gallery

The MCW80 GTX470 installed


MCW80: please refer to specifications here

  • Material: black anodized aluminum extrusion
  • Weight: 8 oz (248 g)
  • Installation: high thermal conductivity pad, and thermal grease
How to check for compatibility?

The nVidia reference board number is usually printed on the back of the circuit board, in a code located below the nVidia® logo, as can be seen below:
nVidia -referenceboard

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