Swiftech® specializes in two different technologies to dissipate the heat generated by microprocessors and other devices:
Air Cooling and Liquid Cooling. 
To reflect this duality, Swiftech's new Corporate logo as of February 2011 includes in its design the alchemical symbols for air, and for water:
The "S" in Swiftech is stylized and inserted in between these two symbols, thus resulting in the following Trademarked Symbol:
This shape also reflects Swiftech's Diamond Pin Matrix Technology which has been used in many water-block designs throughout its history.
The complete Swiftech logo spells the name of the company in full and exists in two variations, with two backgrounds each, white and black.
High resolution versions of these images are available for download.
Use of the Swiftech Logos is governed by the terms and conditions listed in page 2;  you may not use the Swiftech logo whitout agreeing to the terms and conditions.

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