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Product Description

Product Description

The Komodo™ RX-ECO VEGA full cover VGA waterblock is a high performance cooling solution with advanced thermal design and low flow restriction, compatible with AMD Radeon RX Vega and Frontier reference PCB graphics cards.  The coolant flow path includes all critical components such as GPU, memory, power mosfets as well as all other power components that are contacted in AMD's reference coling solution. Proper cooling of all the critical components contributes to overclocking stability, reliable operations, and longevity of the graphics card. The block also covers the entire PCB, leaving no components exposed to possible damages during handling.

Optional Accessories
  • Back-plate:  the precision-machined billet aluminum back-plate, features a black-anodized silky smooth surface finish, and is intended to protect the fragile components found on the back of the graphics card PCB as well as providing a perfectly finished high-end "factory" look to the entire assembly.

  • LS80 lightstrip:  the LS80 lightstrip features 4 Addressable RGB LED's compatible with Swiftech Iris-Eco LED controller found in the award winning Drive X2 CPU cooling kits. This accessory can be installed in existing mounting holes on the side of the housing. Thanks to this option, users can now control the entire lighting/color theme of their build at the touch of a button. The Iris-Eco light controller is necessary to operate the LS80 lightstrip, and is sold separately. See LS80 Lightstrip product page.

  • Iris-Eco Light controller: the Iris-Eco is a multi-function device including both light control and PWM signal splitting functionalities. The on board light controller chip provides 8 color choices + 3 dimming settings;  the PCB is populated with three 3-pin ALED connectors, one push-button switch for light control, and one 2-pin connector for remote light control. See Iris-Eco product page.

  • VGA PWM extension cable:  This 15 3/4" (40cm) long electrical harness plugs into the Graphics card 4 pin fan connector, and allows the graphics card to remotely control PWM capable devices such as pump(s) and/or fan(s). This functionality is useful when building a separate cooling loop dedicated solely to graphics cards.With this cable installed, users will be able to control and regulate the operating speed of the cooling system pump(s) and/or fan(s) based on the temperature of the graphics card using either the VGA card original software or aftermarket tools such as MSI Afterburner for instance. See VGA-PWM-EC400 product page

  • Crossfire installations:  Fully compatible with Swiftech's new Universal bridges. See the bridges product page.

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Why is the Komodo a superior cooling solution ?
The only true full cover water-block The blocks cover the full length of the card and utilizes all the original circuit board mounting points; this results in superior thermal interface with all the components, but more importantly it prevents bending and/or damage to the card compared to competing solutions that leave critical components exposed for cost saving purposes; the Komodo NV series continue this exclusive Swiftech® initiative as a true professional solution (an industry first).
Moderate flow restriction by design The water channels have been optimized for optimum flow rate in order to take into account multiple waterblocks in the same loop; additionally, the high efficiency of the thermal design authorizes better thermal performance at low flow rates.
True Chrome Plated copper base plate Maintenance-free, corrosion-free, discoloration-free, and a brighter whiter color: the precision CNC machined copper base plate is plated with true chrome, as opposed to commonly used nickel plating (which is yellowish).
Precision CNC machined housing The main housing is precision CNC machined out of acrylic material.
Pre-applied thermal pads High conductivity thermal pads and reusable high performance gap-fillers are pre-applied to the memory, VR and other components;  there is no need to waste time cutting thermal pads as is often the case with other blocks; high quality Tim-Mate™ 2 thermal grease is included with the water-block for application to the GPU area.
SLI support
Two Komodo RX-ECO Vega waterblocks can be interconnected using Lok-Seal™ adjustable connector fittings, or the Universal Swiftech SLI/Crossfire bridges.

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What is included in the box
Installation screws
Pre-installed thermal pads
Back-plate NOT included (available in option)
Tim Mate 2 Thermal grease
(2) G1/4 plugs
Installation guide
Technical Specifications
Inlet & Outlet port thread standard: 1/4" BSPP (G1/4) 
Quality assurance: leak tested at 30 PSI 
Thermal joints installation: 
  • GPU: thermal compound (included) 
  • Memory & power fets: pre-installed 0.5mm thermal pads
  • Other components: high performance reusable 1mm gap filler
Housing material: acrylic
Base Plate material: Chrome plated C110 copper
Dimensions:  (L) 10.5" - 268mm x (W) 4.8" - 122mm x (H) .74" - 19mm (measured from GPU pedestal to top of housing)
Mass: 44 oz -  1247 g


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The KOMODO RX-ECO VEGA is compatible with AMD® reference PCB designs for Vega and Frontier graphics cards.  

Brand Models

Installation Guides (PDF)
Installation Guide Komodo RX-ECO VEGA

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Independant Reviews, and Related Product Reviews
Swiftech's Komodo NV-LE GPU Block receives HITech legion Editor's Choice Award - Read More
"the Komodo NV-LE exceeded all expectations in terms of performance. The gap between the Komodo NV-LE and the other blocks tested was large enough that I actually went back and remounted the other blocks to verify my findings"

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