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Swiftech® was founded in 1994 by Gabriel Rouchon, and incorporated in 2001 under the legal entity name of Rouchon Industries Inc., dba Swiftech. Its sales skyrocketed in early 2001 following the release of the famed MC370 line of heatsinks. Reviews of the heatsink in the Internet Press propelled Swiftech® into the limelight as the number one source for high-performance heatsinks in the aftermarket computer parts Industry.
Over the course of the last decade, Swiftech® has emerged as one of the leading forces driving the high-end thermal management scene in the personal computer industry. Pioneering work, innovation, and an uncompromising dedication to high performance and quality have resulted in award winning products setting standards for others to follow. Swiftech® has consistently demonstrated leadership by thinking outside the box, and remains to this day driven by an intense competitive spirit. As a result, Swiftech® is considered by many as one of the founding fathers of the liquid cooling industry for personal computers. This has been accomplished despite intense pressure from heavyweight industry players with powerful sales and marketing acumen. Swiftech® 's name is recognized worldwide, and synonymous with Performance, Innovation, Quality and Value.

Our Commitment

Technological leadership
  • Performance, Quality and Cost Effectiveness
  • Innovation
  • Superior thermal and Mechanical design
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Research & Development
Dedication to customer satisfaction
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Responsive customer service and technical support
  • Swiftech® industrial sales record an historical high accounting for 34% of its revenues.
  • Swiftech® expands partnership with leading graphics card manufacturer EVGA by producing the liquid solution for the GTX580.
  • Swiftech® introduces the MCP35X pump.
  • Swiftech® unveils the H20-X20 Edge series of liquid cooling kit.
  • EVGA unveils the GTX480 Hydro Copper designed and manufactured in partnership with Swiftech.
  • Swiftech® unveils the revolutionary patent pending MCR Drive integrated radiator pump heat exchangers.

  • Despite a severe economic downturn, Swiftech® demonstrates its strong resilience with only a moderate decline in financial performance.
  • Swiftech® USA inaugurates its new 6,500 sqft. Corporate headquarter in Long Beach.
  • Swiftech® Shenzhen Ltd moves to a new 10,000 sqf. production facility.
  • Swiftech® introduces the Apogee™ XT flagship water-block.
  • Swiftech® unveils the Epsilon and Komodo series of full-cover VGA water-block.
  • Swiftech® begins co-operation with leading graphics card manufacturer EVGA for the production of liquid cooling solutions for high-end graphics cards.
  • Swiftech® appoints Mittoni Pty Ltd as its Master Distributor for the Australia and New Zealand markets.
  • Swiftech® reaches a landmark in gross revenues by breaking the $3 Million mark. The strategic investments made in 2005 by moving manufacturing operations to China, and the investments made in highly qualified engineering personnel are finally paying off.
  • Swiftech® launches the award winning H20 Ultima series liquid cooling kits.
  • Swiftech® introduces the Apogee™ GTZ flagship water-block.


  • This year is marked by an explosion in OEM activity and a steady increase in retail channel sales.
  • Swiftech® introduces the Apogee™ GTX flagship water-block.
  • Swiftech® introduces the Apogee™ GT flagship water-block.
  • Swiftech® introduces the patent pending revolutionary Apogee™ Drive integrated pump and CPU water-block .
  • Swiftech® introduces first ever high performance all-in one H20-Compact liquid cooling kit.
  • The Micro Center chain of computer stores becomes a Swiftech® reseller. Altogether, this results in a 50% increase in gross revenues from 2006, as well as record year in gross profits.


  • Swiftech® USA moves to a 4400 sqft facility in Lakewood, CA to accommodate its steady growth.
  • In parallel, Swiftech® Shenzhen Ltd is formed, and hosted in a 10,000 sq ft facility.


  • Swiftech® becomes a publicly traded Company, and is listed on the "Pink Sheets" stock exchange under the trading symbol RCHN
  • The company transfers a large portion of its manufacturing operations to China for high volume production.
  • Swiftech® partners with leading UK retailer Scan computers.
  • Swiftech® introduces the Storm flagship water-block.


  • A major chip manufacturer becomes Swiftech’s largest industrial account.
  • OEM agreements are concluded with Voodoo PC, Corsair Memory, and an exclusive distribution agreement is concluded with the pump manufacturer Laing Thermotech
  • Swiftech® introduces teh MCW6000 flagship water-blocks.
  • The H20 series liquid cooling kits garner more industry recognition awards than any other product in the Company’s history.
  • Gross revenues increase by 37% compared to 2003.


  • William Adams joins Swiftech® as VP engineering, and develops a comprehensive testing facility unmatched in the industry.
  • Swiftech® introduces the MCX “V” series line of heatsinks to improve heatsink performance at low noise levels.
  • The H20 line of liquid cooling products acquires an industrial dimension thanks to strategic partnerships with high-volume manufacturing facilities.


  • A US Patent is obtained for the Helicoid pin technology in November 2002.
  • Swiftech® anticipates Intel recapturing the enthusiast market and develops advanced heatsink solutions for the Intel Pentium™ 4 processor. This results in the beginning of Swiftech’s cooperation with large OEM's.
  • Swiftech® reinforces its performance leadership and diversifies its advanced thermal management offerings by intensifying focus on liquid cooling solutions.


  • Swiftech® develops a patent for a helicoid pin to improve its heatsink dissipation characteristics, and pioneers several groundbreaking technologies or implementations never used before in cooling personal computer: (1) copper-based heatsinks; (2) over sized 80mm fans; (3) high speed fans; (4) advanced highly flat heatsink base with lapping; (5) secure retention system to motherboard with proprietary retention mechanism to compensate for the high weight of the heatsink fan devices.
  • Is a turning point in Swiftech's history: as AMD hits the market mid 2000 with the Athlon™ processor, users are caught by surprise by its unprecedented heat dissipation requirements. Swiftech® on the other hand already has high-end heatsink solution due to its thermoelectric coolers. The MCX370 heatsink is uncovered by Tom’s Hardware at the end of 2000, and the resulting publicity propels the company to a high performance market leader overnight.
1999 to 2000
  • Swiftech® begins developing advanced overclocking solutions using thermoelectric cooling devices based on the Peltier effect to refrigerate processors below ambient temperatures. These solutions require much larger heatsinks than commonly available on the market.
  • Swiftech® adopts the “thin pin” heatsink technology and engineers form factors to work with its Peltier devices in mainstream CPU’s such as the Celeron™ and Pentium™ 3 processors.
  • Swiftech® begins developing and manufacturing liquid cooling systems to further improve the thermal efficiency of its Peltier based refrigeration solutions.
1997 to 1998
  • Swiftech® evolves into a system integrator for high-end personal computers.
1994 to 1996
  • Swiftech® is founded and develops operations to maintain high-end UNIX imaging systems.

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