Apogee SKF-TR4 Heirloom (Season 2)
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Part Number: AP-SKF-TR4-HLM


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Update 9/12/2017: Pre-orders have ended. Production has started, shipping to customers who ordered their Apogee SKF-TR4 will start end of September or as soon as production is complete. Thank you. Non-limited, non-Heirloom editions Apogee SKF-TR4 will be available for purchase end of October 2017.

Apogee SKF Heirloom Series may come back in a new season. If you are interested, please email us at heirloom@swiftech.com

ap.o.geeThe farthest or highest point; the apex; a final climactic stage

The Swiftech Apogee™ SKF is a highly innovative CPU waterblock featuring a revolutionary cooling engine and customization options that allows users to go beyond their limits.

We are proud to announce that we've just finished a ThreadRipper optimized Apogee SKF that features a larger cooling engine (with 30% more surface area) that is optimized for the multi-dies design of the new Ryzen Threadripper CPU's.

The pictures on this web page show the regular Apogee SKF that we released in June 2017 as reference for the looks and finishes. The animated render on this page does show the larger design of the body as well as the redesigned mounting mechanism for Socket SP3 and TR4. This retention mechanism allows for mounting in 2 possible orientations; its small footprint allows for all memory modules to be usable without any interference.

Ahead of its time.

While the Apogee SKF is compatible with all current and upcoming CPU's, the Apogee SKF-TR4 is only compatible with AMD's SP3 and TR4 CPU's.

The Apogee SKF also features an entirely new cooling engine made of 125 micron (< 5 thousandth's of an inch!) thick slotted fins! This new technology is at the very least one generation ahead of the competition and will be the foundation of Swiftech’s next generation CPU waterblocks. The Apogee SKF-TR4 has over 30% more surface area than the Apogee SKF thanks to a larger copper base plate that covers the entire surface of the IHS. Not relying on flow impingement, micro-flows are ideal cooling features for Multi-Dies CPU's such as ThreadRipper.

The Apogee SKF-TR4 is fully compatible with Swiftech’s Addressable RGB Iris Technology and even ships with the Swiftech Iris-Eco controller. With 2 strips of RGB LED’s built into the waterblock the Apogee SKF will blend into any color theme build.

Swiftech Heirlooms. Make it personal.

We are proud to introduce thesecond season of Swiftech's "Heirloom Series". Heirloom Season 2 is featuring the new Apogee SKF ThreadRipper. This waterblock is optimized for AMD's new ThreadRipper CPU's - and because of its larger footprint the Apogee SKF-TR is ONLY compatible with AMD's TR4 socket and CPU's. With its new Heirlooms Series, Swiftech is bringing the community unique, personalized, high-performance, long-lasting products.

Just like Season 1, Heirloom Season 2 offers hundreds of different combinations: 5 different top finishes, 6 unique cover plates, 8 logo colors and 2 colors for the mounting brackets.

And with optional custom laser engraving, customers are guaranteed that their Apogee SKF-TR4 “Heirloom Series” will be unique (16 characters maximum, positioned after the serial number). The picture below shows the engraving pattern used in Heirloom Season 1 on the regular Apogee SKF. In season 2, the engraving pattern will be as follow: "HLM-S02 #xxxx" followed by optional custom engraving.

About Swiftech's Heirlooms: Heirloom events will take place from time to time for select products and will offer the community unique opportunities to customize and personalize Swiftech products. This will allow our customers to create the most amazing builds, mods or gaming machines. These events will not be limited to CPU waterblocks but will also be created for other components such as GPU waterblocks, reservoirs, radiators, etc.

With so many options to choose from, Heirloom events will always be available via Pre-Orders and limited in quantities. The duration of Pre-Orders allow us to gather, sort and produce all orders - no matter which combination of top, cover plate and logo that have been chosen. Swiftech Heirlooms can and should be considered as collectors pieces. To reflect their uniqueness, each product is serialized and ships in a luxury wooden box.

Pre-orders are now open!

This first Swiftech.com exclusive Heirloom event will last for ONLY 1 week or until our stock of fin plates is exhausted. Production has already started and finishing touches will start to take place at the end of the event. Actual units will start shipping to customers mid to end of September 2017.

Pre-ordering your Apogee SKF is done by checking out on our online store which will place an authorization on your Credit Card or PayPal account. Once your actual Apogee SKF gets assembled (roughly 2-3 weeks after your order) the payment will be charged. Due to this high level of customization and personalization, orders of  Swiftech's Heirloom products cannot be cancelled.

Be ready. Make it personal.



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