Product Upgrade Technical Notification - 7-27-12
"Swiftech releases an AMD® reference design cross-bracket for Radeon™ HD7900 series"
In our continuous effort to improve product efficiency and user convenience, we are glad to inform our customers of the following:
Effective 7/21/2012 the Komodo 7900 series full cover waterblocks and the MCW82-7900 started shipping with AMD® reference design cross-bracket for Radeon™ HD7900 series at no extra cost. In addition to its unmatched ease of installation, the AMD reference cross-bracket is known for ensuring a superior TIM joint compared to spring-loaded screws. The item is also available for sale separately. Product page.
This accessory is compatible with boards using a reference PCB with a non-reference cooler, such as those released by several vendors including Sapphire (Radeon HD7970 OC for example), Gigabyte, MSI, etc.. and that use aftermarket heat pipe heatsinks mounted with spring-loaded screws, which is a less than optimal solution in our opinion.  
When using our waterblocks (which use a strictly AMD compliant set of standoffs), the new bracket replaces the “Alternate GPU mount screw-pack” that was formerly included with the Komodo HD7900 and MCW82-7900.
This product is made by Swiftech with AMD’s approval, and designed in strict compliance with the original specifications. While it may seem as a mere mounting accessory, the inclusion of AMD’s brilliant retention mechanism illustrates our commitment to providing users with the most reliable and effective solutions on the market.
Swiftech Tech Team

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