Komodo SLI/Crossfire Bridges
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Product Description

The Universal SLI & Crossfire VGA bridges provide a solid mechanical connection between two Komodo VGA water-blocks (1).  This solution reduces the number of fittings necessary to hydraulically connect two block for an SLI or Crossfire setup, and provides an additional layer of safety by reducing the number of joints, as well as elegance to the liquid cooling system. The "Universal" denomination indicates that these products are compatible with all Komodo models for GeForce™ & Radeon™ series designed by Swiftech effective in 2016 (see related products below) and going forward. 

Following the Komodo product lines model, these bridges are available in two series: Luxury Edition (LE) and ECO edition. The LE edition distinguishes itself from the ECO version by an integrated RGB ALED lighting system compatible with the Swiftech Iris-Eco light controller (2).

(1) Disassembly of the waterblocks original bridges is required for installation.
(2) The Iris-Eco light controller is supplied with the LE series Komodo waterblocks and AIO cooling kits, and also available for individual sale here.

Motherboard compatibility

The Komodo SLI/Crossfire bridges are compatible with 1.6" (Dual Slot) and 2.4" (Triple Slot) PCI-E Pitch.

Technical specifications

Hydraulic connectivity standard:  1/4" BSPP (G1/4)
Material: high quality acrylic
Lighting (LE version): Swiftech IRIS Compatible, requires Swiftech IRIS-ECO controller.

Installation Guides

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Komodo NV-LE GTX1080
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Komodo NV-LE GTX1080
Full cover waterblock for Nvidia GTX1080 and GTX1070 reference boards; including: waterblock, lighting sytem and controller, (2) port plugs, back-plate, pre-applied thermal pads, thermal grease, installation guide - Fittings not included
Komodo R9 FuryX Eco
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Komodo R9 FuryX Eco
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on sale
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