Socket LGA 2011 Mounting kit
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Part Number: Socket-2011-kit

Product Description
Product Description
Set of replacement screw/springs for use with Intel socket LGA 2011 motherboards.
Compatible under some technical restrictions with Apogee GTX, GTZ, and XT; fully compatible with Apogee HD.
Technical restrictions
Issue: Due to close tolerance issues in the machining of the slots of the hold-down brackets, there may be random interference issues between the socket 2011 screws and the Apogee GTX, GTZ and XT hold-down brackets: in other words, in some cases the diameter of the hold-down bracket slots might be a little too small to allow the socket 2011 screws to fit in.
Resolution: End-users who are willing to modify their bracket may do so by using a hand-drill and a 5mm (13/64) drill bit to rim the slot ever so slightly. This will remove enough material from the slot to allow the socket 2011 screws to fit in freely.
Option: A fully compatible replacement hold-down bracket for Apogee GTX, GTZ, and XT will be offered for upgrade purposes shortly.

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