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Product Description: 

Swiftech's newest entry in the Lok-Seal™ family of high-end fittings is a new type of Quick Disconnect Non-Spill fitting, called the QC-NS series, and based on a sliding-sleeve style hydraulic coupling design. The Flush Face mating valves design allows users to connect or disconnect a line with little or no coolant spillage.  This new generation of couplings represents yet another breakthrough innovation in the world of quick-disconnect fittings for two reasons:
  1. At similar flow-rate characteristics, they are substantially more compact than most types of couplings from competing brands, thus offering precious space savings in space-constrained applications. 
  2. A world's first innovation, Swiftech couplings can be completely disassembled. As a result, they can be configured with multiple types of end caps, thus offering considerable cost savings: there is no need to purchase multiple bodies with specific fittings for different applications: just unscrew the end cap of your QC-NS coupling and replace it with the type of fitting that you need for your new application.
QC-NS Height compared to competition
Height compared:
Left, other brand - Right, Swiftech QC-NS
(QC-NS shown with optional 3/4x1/2"
Compression Fitting Caps)

This radically different design concept has two direct consequences:
  1. Swiftech's couplings requires a firm push-and twist motion to connect or disconnect due to the reduced fitting length.
  2. They necessitate that the end caps be correctly fastened prior to being placed in service so that they will not loosen when being operated.
Multiple Configurations
  • In stock configuration, the couplings are shipped with 2 pre-assembled G1/4 female threaded end caps, allowing users to screw in any G1/4 fittings (barbs, compression etc..)
  • Optional end caps include:
    • Compression fittings (reducing the overall length of the assemby by 18mm) for 3/4x1/2", 5/8x3/8", and 1/2x3/8" tubing
    • G1/4 Male Cap: to install the fitting to a water block or to a radiator for exemple.
    • A Bulkhead/Panel Mount Cap (20mm opening) with G1/4 female thread to install any G1/4 fitting on the back-side.
QC-NS configurations



Construction Flush face, non spill design (0.2ml or less)
Material Chrome plated brass
Max. working pressure 7 Bar (100 PSI)
Operating Temperature range -20° to 212° F (-28° to 100° C)
Seals material Buna-N
Spring material Stainless steel (AISI SUS631)
Dimensions See schematics below

Lok-Seal Quic Disconnect DimensionsSupport

    • How to use Video (to be published)
    • How to install optional end caps Video (to be published)

Where to buy (as of 3-21-13)

North America
FrozenCPU (ETA 4/20/13) FrozenCPU.com
Performance-pcs (ETA 4/20/13) Performance-PCs.com
Sidewinder Computers (ETA 4/20/13) sidewindercomputers.com

End User Reviews

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Years of quality use!
Clair Hardesty (Georgetown, TX) 5/14/2016 7:32 PM
I have been using these fittings for over three years and they are truly non-spill. I have four fittings in my dual loop system and they have been through over twenty disconnect/connect cycles each with no more than five or six drops of fluid released in all that time. My setup uses 1/2" ID tubing and these couplings present very little flow restriction (each loop has a MCR320-DRIVE-R3 pump/radiator/tank combo which uses the MCP35X integrated pump). My radiators and pumps are external to the computer chassis and these fittings make it a snap to make modifications and/or perform routine system maintenance. The only drawback is the price, but even that is good when compared to lesser performing and bulkier competition.

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