MCRx20-XP "eXtreme Performance" Radiator Series
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The MCRx20-XP (eXtreme Performance) series radiators are high-performance liquid-to-air heat exchangers optimized for use with medium speed 120mm fans and specifically engineered in a slim for factor for high-end liquid cooled Personal Computers.
The XP series derive from the Quiet Power technology (QP series) first introduced in 2005 and both series share the exact same dimensions. They differentiate themselves by a higher fin-per-inch (FPI) count where the QP series feature a 12 FPI specification versus 20 FPI for the new XP series.   A higher FPI count means that the XP series are more efficient at dissipating heat in the higher RPM fan ranges.  When  large heat loads are involved for example a CPU and GPU(s) in the loop, this may translate into improved coolant temperature. 
In general, we recommend selecting a radiator in the XP series for applications where fans will run from 1200 RPM and above, and selecting among the QP series where fans will run from 1200 RPM and below. A more refined analysis including various coolant flow rate scenarios is reported in the performance section.
The XP series are available in 4 sizes: 1x120mm, 2x120mm, 3x120mm, and 4x120mm.

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Features Benefits
Thermal design is optimized for maximum heat dissipation with 120mm fans featuring medium air output (1000 to 1800 rpm) High performance cooling at moderate noise levels.
Slim form factor (34mm) Reduces radiator intrusion on neighboring components, helps compatibility
Self-purging plenums Help eliminate accumulation of air in the radiator, and ennoying gurgling noises
Industry standard fan spacing (15mm) 15mm fan spacing is adopted as a standard by most case manufacturers
Brass tubes No corrosion
Copper fins Better heat dissipation
1/4" BSPP (G1/4) threaded hubs with flat face Compatible with industry standard G1/4 fittings with captive o-ring
Quality assurance: all our radiators are ultrasonically cleaned to remove solder flux, and individually pressure-tested for leaks!

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We conducted comparative testing between the QP and XP lines, and the data is reported below :

Competitive product data is included for reference only, and may only reflect on the specific sample products being tested.
RPM Range
ºC/W at 2 lpm (Low flow)
ºC/W at 4 lpm (Medium Flow)
ºC/W at 6 lpm (High flow)


We can see above that in the 900 rpm range, the QP is better at any flow rate. Conversely, in the 2000 rpm range, the XP is better at any flow rate.
In between these two extremes, the results are flow rate dependant.
In low flow rate systems the XP is superior at any rpm range starting at 1200 rpm.
In medium flow rate systems,  the QP is better at 1200 rpm, and the XP is better at 1500 and 2000 rpm.
In high flow rate systems, the QP is better at 1200 and and 1500 rpm,s and the XP is better at 2000 rpm.

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MCRx20-XP specifications
Optimized fin-density for maximum heat dissipation with medium speed fans  (20 fpi)
2-pass, single row construction
Brass body and brass tubes
Louvered copper fins
Plenum Style: Self-purging brass plenum chambers
Slim form factor (34mm)
High-durability acrylic paint:  Satin black finish
M3.5 threaded fan and case-mounting holes
Hub specifications & fittings compatibility: 
  • G1/4" flat face threaded hubs, compatible with industry standard captive o-ring type fittings (such as Swiftech "Eurostyle" series of barb fittings) 
ROHS compliant
  • MCR120-XP 15oz (408g),
  • MCR220-XP 1lb 8oz (594g),
  • MCR320-XP 2lb (1048g),
  • MCR420-XP 2lb 6oz (1501g)
Quality assurance: all radiators are ultrasonically cleaned to remove solder flux as well as pressure-tested for leaks.
What is Included with each radiator:
  • M3,5 x 6mm screws (4 each per 120mm fan) - Alternatively you may use 6-32 x 1/4" (not included)
  • M3,5 x 30mm screws (4 each per 120mm fan) - Alternatively you may use 6-32 x 1 1/8" (not included)
  • Installation Warning pamphlet
  • No fittings




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Radiator possible orientations:

  • Vertical (inlet/outlet at top) : yes
  • Vertical (upside-down): possible, but possible accumulation of some air over time; we recommend using an MCRx20-QP-RES instead
  • On the side: yes
  • Horizontal (either face): yes
The single most common cause for leaks is puncture of the radiators channels. This typically occurs when users attempt to either drive screws thru the radiator, or utilize screws that are too long. Users are advised that Swiftech will decline warranty coverage for puncture of the radiator channels located directly behind the radiator mounting screw holes.
Make sure the screws you are using do not hit the water channels!
Depending on your configuration you might want to use your own screws either to attach the fan to the radiator, radiator to the chassis, or using a Radbox.  You can use either 6-32 US thread or M3.5 metric thread. But always double-check the screw length before installation or you might poke a hole in the radiator water channels!

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End User Reviews

(7 Ratings, 3 Reviews) Average Rating:
Do not be fooled by their looks.
Ron (Port Clements, BC) 6/26/2013 10:21 PM
Don't be fooled by this being a thinner rad. I did some home work and found these to perform as good if not better than most thicker rads out there for a fraction of the cost! They may not have as much bling factor as most thicker rads, but they are the best bang for the buck period! I honestly prefer the QP series, but that being said these far outperform the QP's if you don't mind a few more decibels. Highly recommended!
great radiator
deven (united states) 12/13/2012 5:47 PM
Lovveeee my triple and dual radiators, it only comes with 8 long screws not 16, so if you're planning on doing a push/pull setup you might want to purchase more screws. It comes with 8 more, but they're not long enough to make it through my Corsair SP120 fans.
Good Construction, Good Performance
Samuel Clarke (Erie, PA) 7/7/2012 9:54 AM
This radiator has a very sturdy feel to it, and does a good job of keeping my i7-3930k cool. Initial installation is a bit tricky in that not all of the screw holes are perfectly straight. However, if you don't screw down one side of your fan tight, the other side can get started much more easily, at which point it is no problem to screw them all down tight. I mounted a triple rad in my Antec 1200 but because my case is not set up for a triple rad and I didn't feel like building the appropriate mounting brackets, I went the easer (but slightly warranty voiding) rout of drilling and tapping holes in the side rails of the rad so that I could just suspend it with screws in the drive bay. No problems though as long as you take great care not to let your drill or tap go so deep as to puncture the tubes. You get about a 1/4" to play with in this regard.

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