MCRx20-QP "Quiet Power" Radiator Series
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Product News: 11-7-12 introducing Revision 2 of the MCRx20-QP radiator with built-in reservoir


The MCRx20-QP (Quiet Power) series radiators are heavy-duty, low-noise optimized, liquid-to-air heat exchangers designed to be used with 120mm fans and specifically engineered for high-end liquid cooled Personal Computers.
First introduced in 2005, the Quiet Power technology is the result of months of research and development focused on optimizing thermal performance and audible noise characteristics with low to medium airflow types of fans. To this day, the MCRx20-QP radiators have set a standard for others to follow,  and meet today's PC industry highest thermal loads, quality standards, and low noise requirements at competitive prices.
We recommend using a radiator the QP series in applications where the fans will run in the 1200 RPM range or below. For higher RPM ranges, we recommend selecting a radiator in the XP series.
Two versions, with or without built-in reservoir, and four sizes are available: for single 120mm, dual 120mm, triple 120mm, and quad 120mm.

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Features Benefits
Thermal design is optimized for maximum heat dissipation with 120mm fans featuring very low to medium air output. Excellent cooling at very low noise
Slim form factor (34mm) Reduces radiator intrusion on neighboring components, helps compatibility
Self-purging plenums Help eliminate accumulation of air in the radiator, and ennoying gurgling noises
Industry standard fan spacing (15mm) 15mm fan spacing is adopted as a standard by most case manufacturers
Brass tubes No corrosion
Copper fins Better heat dissipation
1/4" BSPP (G1/4) threaded hubs with flat face Compatible with industry standard G1/4 fittings with captive o-ring
Quality assurance: all our radiators are ultrasonically cleaned to remove solder flux, and individually pressure-tested for leaks!
Built-in reservoir option, an exclusive Swiftech® innovation
Eliminate the need for separate reservoir
Improves reliability (less fittings means less potentially leaky joints)
Improved hydraulic performance (less pressure drop), resulting in lower temps
Space saving
Cost saving

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MCRx20-QP specifications
2-pass, single row construction
Hub specifications & fittings compatibility:
  • MCRx20-QP (all models): G1/4" flat face threaded hubs, compatible with industry standard captive o-ring type fittings (such as Swiftech® "Eurostyle" series of barb fittings)
  • MCR220 and 320 QP RES REV2: G1/4 HUBS throughout: compatible with captive o-ring style fittings depending.
  • MCR120-QP RES: built-in 3/8" barb fittings
Slim form factor (34mm)

Brass body and brass tubes

Louvered copper fins

Optimized fin-density for maximum heat dissipation at low noise  (12 fpi)

M3.5 threaded fan and case-mounting holes

High-durability acrylic paint:
  • MCRx20-QP: Satin black finish
  • MCRx20-QP-RES: Satin black finish

ROHS compliant

Quality assurance: all radiators are ultrasonically cleaned to remove solder flux as well as pressure-tested for leaks.
  • MCR120-QP 14.4oz (408g),
  • MCR220-QP 1lb 6oz (624g),
  • MCR320-QP 1lb 14oz (850g),
  • MCR420-QP 2lb 5oz (1048g)
  • Plenum Style:
    • MCRx20-QP (without integrated reservoir): Self-purging brass plenum chambers
    • MCRx20-QP RES: Upper plenum is a built-in reservoir and includes a fill-port. Lower plenums are self-purging brass plenum chambers and host the threaded hubs.
    What is Included with each radiator:
    • M3,5 x 6mm screws (4 each per 120mm fan) - Alternatively you may use 6-32 x 1/4" (not included)
    • M3,5 x 30mm screws (4 each per 120mm fan) - Alternatively you may use 6-32 x 1 1/8" (not included)
    • Fill-cap (MCRx20-QP-RES series)
    • Installation Warning pamphlet
    • No fittings





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    Installation guidelines

    The MCR220-QP and MCR220-QP-Res can be installed using Swiftech's MCB120 "Radbox".

    Radiator possible orientations:

    • Vertical (inlet/outlet at top) : yes
    • Vertical (upside-down):  possible accumulation of some air in the upper radiator plenum over time; we recommend using an MCRx20-QP-RES instead
    • On the side: yes
    • Horizontal (either face): yes
    • Vertical (inlet/outlet at bottom): Yes (recommended installation)
    • Vertical (upside-down):  Yes (reservoir functionality disabled)
    • On the side:  Yes (reservoir functionality disabled)
    • Horizontal (either face): Yes (reservoir functionality disabled)
    The single most common cause for leaks is puncture of the radiators channels. This typically occurs when users attempt to either drive screws thru the radiator, or utilize screws that are too long. Users are advised that Swiftech® will decline warranty coverage for puncture of the radiator channels located directly behind the radiator mounting screw holes.
    Make sure the screws you are using do not hit the water channels!
    Depending on your configuration you might want to use your own screws either to attach the fan to the radiator, radiator to the chassis, or using a Radbox.  You can use either 6-32 US thread or M3.5 metric thread. But always double-check the screw length before installation or you might poke a hole in the radiator water channels!


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    End User Reviews

    (11 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
    Allen Mesner (Pittsburg, PA) 12/2/2013 8:17 PM
    I purchased the Dual 120mm version w/o the res. When it arrived I noticed a distinct rattle from inside; looking online I saw a bunch of recommendations to wash out the res before installing it with distilled water so I tried this and after working with it for ~20 minutes the water came out clear and the piece that was rattling fell out, just a hunk of solder. My only real complaint with this is with the price of the res + shipping ($15) I thought it might be able to get to me sooner. I had to wait about a week to receive this, although it ships from California and I'm in PA I would like to see better routing options for my money. If Newegg sold the parts for custom L.C loops I would have bought this product off them and probably saved some money
    Home Builder
    Max (Va) 12/1/2012 10:57 AM
    I purchased the three fan unit along with the fans. Everything bolted together and dropped right into my HAF X Tower case. It came with all the hardware required.

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