Socket LGA 1366 Mounting kit (Apogee GTX/GTZ)
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Part Number: GTZ-UHD-1366-BP

Product Description
Product Description
Hold-down plate and socket 1366 motherboard back-plate upgrade kit.
The kit is composed of a replacement hold-down plate for the water-block, and a motherboard back-plate compatible with socket LGA 1366 desktop motherboards. The chrome plated hold-down plate also features elongated holes to provide compatibility with Socket LGA775, 1155 and 1156. Note that if you change your motherboard from a socket 1366 to a socket 1155 or 1156 you will only need to change the motherboard back-plate.

Provides compatiblity with Intel Core i7 (socket LGA 1366), and is fully compliant with the components keep-out specification.
Waterblock: Apogee GTX and GTZ

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