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Product Description

ap.o.gee: The farthest or highest point; the apex; a final climactic stage

The Apogee™ XL2 is Swiftech's new flagship CPU waterblock.  This is the same waterblock featured in Swiftech's Award Winning Drive X2 series liquid cooling kits, and it is now being offered for sale individually. It features: 
  • Fine-tuned thermal performance and mounting system for the most recent Intel® and AMD® processors
  • Reduced flow restriction compared to previous generation Apogee XL.
  • Visual enhancements with the use of a clear acrylic body, lit up by Adressable RGB LED's and controlled by the included Swiftech's Iris ALED controller (a version without the Iris controller is also available).

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Improved Performance
  • Average 1.0ºC better thermal performance than the Award Winning Apogee™ HD
Low To Moderate Flow Restriction
  • ~5% less flow restriction than the Apogee™ XL
Processor Compatibility 
  • Socket 115X series  
  • Socket 2011 series
  • AMD Desktop processors series:  sockets 754, 939, 940, AM2/+, AM3/+, F, FM1, FM2
Fittings compatibility:
  • All G1/4 fittings

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Comparative Temperature Data:
The following graphs reports the data collected from testing performed with actual retail processors under 100% load using CPU Burn. Published results are the best of a minimum of 5 mounts. These results are indicative of our test bench settings and of the tested processors only. Results may vary from one processor to another. Competitive data is provided hereafter for comparative purposes, and is only representative of the specific waterblock samples tested here. Two samples of the same competitive blocks were used for validation purposes.

Note: "Air to Core Temperature Delta" means the difference between the average CPU core temperature and the average air temperature.  This reporting method reflects the true efficiency of the cooling system because it eliminates ambient air temperature variations in the data being compared. Users are cautioned that the above data is provided for reference only, and is not directly comparable with CPU temperature values collected a) from an enclosed chassis and b) without deducting ambient air data.
Test Setup Configuration:
  • Open bench MCR 320 Drive Rev3 with (3) Gentle Typhoon Fans running @ 1850 rpm
  • MCP35X pump running @ 4500 rpm
  • Air temperature as reported by (3) individual thermal probes located at each fan inlet, with air temperature values collected at one second intervals and mathematically averaged over the duration of the test.

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The base-plate is precision-machined from C110 copper. Thermal design of the cooling engine is characterized by Swiftech's fin/pin matrix composed of 225 µm (0.009") micro structures;  the matrix has been further refined with variable width cross channels to improve flow rate without affecting thermal efficiency.


Base Plate:  60x60mm
Waterblock Net Weight: 8.4 ounces (238 grams) 


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Swiftech's Apogee™ XL CPU waterblock receives HiTech Legion Gold Award - Read More

"All in all, the Swiftech Apogee XL easily ranks among the best CPU blocks available and is highly deserving of a Hi Tech Legion Gold Award."

Swiftech's Apogee™ XL CPU waterblock receives OCIA Gold Seal Award - Read More

"...we observed a notable 1-2°C improvement in temperatures over the previous generation Apogee HD block...if Swiftech is able to constantly improve their liquid cooling components by this amount every generation as technology improves and CPU cooling requirements evolve, they'll remain near the top of competition in their field."

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End User Reviews

(1 Rating, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Ice Cold But thouroughly check for leaks before using!
Jacob Sheriff (Hollywood, MD) 3/22/2017 9:33 AM
The Apogee XL2 which came with the H240 X2 Prestige that I have been using since December is a fantastic cooler. It cools extremely well, able to withstand extreme overclocking. Just be careful during setup if you're using the AM3 bracket for AMD motherboards. My bracket needed some extra force to attach to the Apogee XL2. Upon running tests with the water cooling system I have, it started to leak a bit from one of the screws on the shiny side that makes contact with the CPU. Luckily it didn't do any damage, and after tightening the screws it didn't do it anymore. 3 months later I just happened to look into my case through the tempered glass and saw a puddle forming on the back plate of my GPU block. It was dripping from the Apogee XL2. I got extremely lucky again and no damage was done. Upon further inspection it was the same area but where the acrylic meets the metal. It's hard to pinpoint the exact leak, but I emailed Swiftech and the next day they started shipping me a replacement Apogee XL2! We will see how this goes. I understand the risks of water cooling, and there's always a bad egg every once in a while. I should have gotten it replaced the first time I found a leak and I urge you to do the same. You may not be as lucky as me! The performance of this Waterblock is wonderful, and it looks great too! With ALL watercooling, test, test, and test some more before putting in on your hardware!

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