½” x ¾” Lok-Seal™ Compression Fitting
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Product Description
Product Description: 
½” x ¾” Lok-Seal™ Compression Fitting

Contents & Features


  • Blister pack of 1 fitting & collar
  • Material: brass
  • For ½” (13mm) ID x ¾” (19mm) OD tubing
  • Finish: high polish natural or black chrome plating
  • G 1/4" Male threads
  • Hex nut: Inch 15/16" - Metric 24mm
  • Collar: Inch 1" - Metric 25mm
  • Hi-flow design: .40" (10.2mm) bore ID x .47" (12mm) barb ID


Recommended use

  • Initial Tip:  If possible, attach the fittings to the cooling devices first! While not mandatory,  it is always preferable to fasten a fittings to a cooling device prior to installing the device inside the case. This will eliminate interference issues that may be encountered when working with tools inside of space constrained enclosures.
  • Fasten the fitting by hand until it mates with the surface of the cooling device. The amount of force necessary to screw the fittings down in “finger tight” mating position may vary from one device to another depending on various factors.  Users are advised to always visually check on the actual position of the fitting relative to the device surface rather than solely relying on feel. There should be little -not to exceed the thickness of a sheet of paper, or no visible gap between the fitting lower lip and the device surface. See the illustration below.


  • For complete long-term safety and leak-free operations, Swiftech® recommends that the fittings be locked in place using the recommended tools and that the torque levels specified below be applied:

Recommended Torque

Soft Material


Maximum (*)

Acetal (POM) and acrylics

1/4 of a turn after initial contact between mating surfaces

1/2 of a turn after initial contact between mating surfaces

Hard Materials


Copper, brass, aluminum

1/8 of a turn after initial contact between mating surfaces

(*) For full 5mm thread depth – please inspect the device threads prior to applying the maximum
recommended torque – when partial threads exist due to application necessity, only apply the
minimum torque.

Recommended Tools

A small adjustable wrench with jaw opening up to 1” (25.4mm)
may be used as a universal tool instead of the specific tools listed below

Specific tool sizes

Inch Tube ID x OD
Metric Tube OD xID
Fitting base hex:
Flat wrench or socket
Flat or adjustable wrench
⅜”x ½” – 13/10mm Metric: 17mm - Inch: 11/16” Metric: 18mm - Inch: adjustable wrench
⅜” x ⅝” – 16/10mm Metric: 20mm - Inch: 13/16” Metric: 21mm - Inch: adjustable wrench
½” x ¾” – 19/13mm Metric: 24mm - Inch: 15/16” Metric: 25mm - Inch: 1”

End User Reviews

(2 Ratings, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Amazing Fittings!
Bryan Ramirez (Long Beach, CA) 4/13/2012 10:37 PM
These are exactly what water cooling enthusiasts have always wanted and needed from their compression fittings. These not only look great, but they also provide the performance and safety features that water cooling demands. These fittings have the ability to be tightened with an ordinary wrench due to the flat surfaces machined onto the lock ring. This means that there is no more guess work involved with tightening your fittings and wondering if they are eventually going to twist loose. These fittings also have the added bonus allowing for proper mating to the surface of the water block. Most manufacturers use fat rubber o-rings to prevent leakage and that just isn't a very good solution. These are definitely the very best compression fittings currently on the market! Installation was simple and the threading is super smooth to prevent cross threading. I highly recommend this product!

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