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ROHS Compliant
Patent: US 6,469,898

The MCX-VCore heatsink is a high performance & compact thermal solution for Intel® processors using the LGA1366, 1155 and 1156 sockets. This includes the Core i5 and Core i7 processors (including the new Sandy Bridge processores).

Features highlights

  • Optimized performance characteristics at the lowest possible audible noise levels and in a small form factor.
  • Hybrid copper base, thin aluminum pin heatsink: the massive 1/2" thick copper base provides superior heat capacity for unparalleled stability in extreme load applications. The thin aluminum pins promote increased turbulence for more efficient heat dissipation compared to traditional fin extrusions.
  • Patented Helicoid pin design (U.S. patent 6,469,898): pins are individually machined in an helicoid shape, to increase their surface area, and further enhance heat dissipation efficiency.
  • Concentrically aligned rows of pins are bent at multiple angles. The spacing and angles between the concentric rows has optimizes cooling and reduces noise at low air flow levels.
  • Quick and easy fan installation: the fan installs "in a snap" with convenient snap-in rivets.
  • Exceptional quality and attention to details: the heatsink base is lapped to 0.0003" (3/10 of 1/1000"), and polished to near-mirror finish to promote optimum thermal conductivity. Users are advised that while flatness is strictly respected for providing the most significant benefit to thermal interface, surface polish is a cosmetic component and may vary slightly from one heatsink to another. Re-lapping or polishing the heatsink base is never recommended.
  • The MCX-VCore is shipped with 80mm fans brackets as well as 92mm fan brackets. 120 to 92mm adapters (not included) can be used to mount a 120mm fan.

Motherboard and CPU compatibility

  • Processor Compatibility: all Intel® Corei5 and i7 processors.
  • Motherboard compatibility: All Intel® compliant motherboards socket LGA1155, 1156 and 1366 form factor (both motherboard b ack-plates included)
  • Rack mount chassis compatibility: 2U and above.
Performance information

The MCX-VCore is recommended for stock frequencies or mild overclock applications. It's relatively small size compared to large tower heatpipe heatsinks makes it ideal for space constrained applications. As always, the choice of fan will dictate the performance to noise level ratio. 80mm fans can typically provide a more focused air flow, tending to optimize cooling with this heatsink, however 120mm fans may provide equivalent performance at a lower pitch, thus offering more comfortable noise levels.

Heatsink specifications

  • CNC machined, C110 copper base, 3"W x 3.3"L x .500"H, flatness better than 0.0003", micro surface finish 8 or better.
  • 374 Helicoid Pins made of High Thermal Conductivity Aluminum Alloy, press fitted in the base.
  • Heatsink base dimensions 3"x3.3"x1.66"
  • Heatsink top dimension 3 3/4" x 3 1/2"
  • Weight: 22 oz (620g)
  • Overall height (with an 80x25mm fan and fan guard): 2.83"

End User Reviews

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Military Systems Engineer
Stephen Boyer (Plano, TX) 2/7/2012 12:46 PM
This is a great Heatsink. Running on top of Intel® Core™ i7 in an Intel® Q57 PCH Motherboard. With or without the fan, these machines never heat up.

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