H2O-X20 "Edge" Series Liquid Cooling Kits

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Designed in the USA
ROHS Compliant
Patent: Pending
Product Description
The H20-X20 "Edge" series liquid cooling kits represent a true revolution in the world of liquid cooling. In effect, for the first time ever they combine Swiftech's extreme performance features with an ease of installation and a versatility that will allow all users, beginners and hard core enthusiasts alike to take full advantage of all the benefits afforded by liquid cooling.
Each kit is composed of only two elements:
  • The patent pending MCR-X20 Drive Rev2 which combines radiator, reservoir, and pump into one unit and is also available for sale separately
  • A new version of the Award Winning Apogee™ XT waterblock.
The kits are available in two models:

  • The H20-220 Edge with dual 120mm radiator
  • The H20-320 Edge with triple 120mm radiator

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What Differentiates the H20-X20 Edge kits from other all-in-one kits available on the market?

  • Versatility: the ability to add more devices to the liquid cooling loop; other all-in-one kits available on the market are completely sealed, and users are unable to either add more water-blocks for cooling the graphics, the chipset, or add more radiators if and when needed
  • Performance Range: the ability to tune the cooling system from zero noise to extreme cooling performance
  • Ugradability: the ability to upgrade the water-block when new CPU form factors will appear on the market, and thus to keep the core cooling system (the MCR Drive radiator-pump) in use for many years to come!
  • Reliability: current all-in-one kits have little or no track record with regards to long term use; the H20-X20 Edge kits are backed by Swiftech's 10 years of experience in the field of liquid cooling;
  • Easy Maintenance: what happens when a low cost all-in-one kit fails? there is no possible DIY maintenance because these kits are factory sealed. If disaster strikes, all the parts in the H20-X20 Edge kits can be hot-swapped by the user easily, thus guaranteeing little or no interruption in the use of their system.
  • Support: with 10 years of experience designing, manufacturing and setting up liquid cooling systems, Swiftech® includes not only multiple hardware sets to accommodate various installation strategies, but also provides the most comprehensive installation guide in the industry, including fully detailed pre-built 3D models, so you can resolve any problem you may encounter when you personalize your system.
The MCR-X20 Drive Revision 2 Heat Exchangers
The MCR220-Drive Heat Exchanger
  • The patent pending MCR-Drive Rev. 2 dual and triple 120mm radiators have been designed to allow reliable operations in both horizontal and vertical orientations thanks to their new reservoir design. It means that the radiator can now be installed inside and at the top of the case for example, a type of setup which is increasingly facilitated by many new popular case designs.
    The MCR320-Drive Heat Exchanger
  • Built-in inside of the radiator, is the new PWM controlled MCP-35X pump. This pump can be adjusted in speed via the motherboard BIOS from 1300 rpm to run silent, or all the way to 4500 rpm maximum for extreme flow performance, as well as anywhere in between. This particular feature is being hailed by many enthusiasts and in the media as "a big deal" as it allows users to really fine tune their system in accordance to their needs and/or preferences.
  • Just like a CPU fan, the pump can also be set on Auto, and be fully managed by the motherboard. Thanks to its unprecedented head pressure, the MCP35X pump is ideal to run several devices in the loop such as additional water-blocks for VGA cooling applications, and/or extra radiators.
The Apogee™ XTL Waterblock
The Apogee™ XTL Waterblock
  • The second element of these kits, the Apogee™ XTL, is a budget friendly variant of the Award Winning Apogee™ XT. It features the same 250 µm micro-pin matrix technology, mounting system, and has identical (world's best) performance, together with the same flow characteristics. It only differs from the XT by the top housing which is made of black Delrin instead of chrome plated brass, and the absence of reversible inlet/outlet plate which allows use of extra large compression fittings in the XT.
Ease of Installation

Everything in the kits has been done to facilitate setup, and to create a professional installation:
The MCB-120 Radbox
  • The compact design in itself saves space and time of installation
  • Several sets of hardware are included to hang the radiator internally in multiple fashions
  • When internal installation is not possible, our MCB-120 "Radbox" is included to allow installation of the radiator at the back of practically any mid-or full tower cases.
  • Hardware is included to create an optional external fill-port in the chassis upper panel for easy access to the radiator fill-port ;
New to Watercooling? No Problem!
  • In addition to the comprehensive installation guide, a CD is included with no less than twenty-four 3D models showing fully detailed configurations that can be viewed with a free 3D viewer. You can see see some examples in the support section of this page.

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Prior to releasing these kits, we published comprehensive test data in two related articles entitled "Actual Influence of Flow Rate on system Temperatures" and "Dual Loop versus Single, the Facts". These articles contain comprehensive information with respect to the thermal performance that can be expected from both H20-220 and H20-320 Edge kits in various configurations, including cooling of graphics card(s) in the loop. While the fans used in these tests (52 CFM Gentle Typhoons) were different than those shipped with the kits, users can expect that the performance levels will be equivalent to that of the included fans running at mid-speed (using the 12 to 7v adapters included in the kits), corresponding to mid to low audible noise levels.

Here is a summarized table of results; these tests were performed with Ci7 920 overclocked to 4.1Ghz and running at 1.39v; please also refer to the articles linked above for full configuration details, results and explanations.

Configuration T  CPU Air °C
H20-220 Edge to CPU alone 44.9
H20-220 Edge with (1) VGA 45.9
H20-220 Edge with (2) VGA in SLI 46.7
H20-320 Edge to CPU alone 43.4
H20-320 Edge with (1) VGA 44.3
H20-320 Edge with (2) VGA in SLI 44.9

T CPU Air °C: the difference in Degrees Celsius, between the temperature of the CPU and that of the ambient air. This presentation of the data identifies the CPU temperature independantly of ambient air temperature which varies greatly depending on local conditions, thus reflecting the true performance of the cooling system.

Tab 3

  • Apogee™ XTL water-block: see general description HERE, and complete Apogee™ XT specifications HERE
  • MCR220-Drive radiator: see complete specifications HERE
  • MCB120 "Radbox" radiator mounting adapter: see complete specifications HERE
  • Pump specifications: see complete specifications HERE

The PWM response curve exhibits the following characteristics:

  • From 0 to 12%, the pump will run at ~1300 rpm (+/- 100)
  • From 13% to 69%, the rpm will climb progressively
  • From 70 to 100% the pump will run at full speed ~4500 rpm (+/- 100)
Fan specifications
Model RDM1225S
Voltage 6.0 ~ 13.8 VDC
Current 0.23 A
Speed 2000 RPM
Static Pressure 3.5 mmH20
Volume 76.9 CFM
Noise 38 db(A)
Bearing sleeve
Connector 3 Pin
Tach Output Yes

  • Reflecting their true extreme-performance heritage, the kits are delivered with 1/2" ID (3/4" OD) tubing and fittings, but they can also optionally be used with 3/8" ID tubing and fittings (not included).

Tab 4

Platform Compatibility:

  • All Intel® Core Desktop processor family (Core2, Quad, Duo, Extreme, i5, i7) in socket 775, 1155, 1156 and 1366 form factor
  • Intel® Server processor family (Xeon ) in socket 603, 604 and 771 form factors (free hold-down plate sent factory-direct on demand worldwide - see details here)
  • AMD® processors in their respective socket form factors - 754, 939, F, AM2 and AM3 (free hold-down plate sent factory-direct on demand worldwide - see details here)
Case Compatibility for internal installation:

We scouted the web and various forums to identify cases that are compatible for preferably "bolt-on" internal installation, or with very minor modifications; we also contacted various case manufacturers and inquired which of their models would be compatible. Here is a compilation of what we found at the time of this publication; please note that the (*) next to the listed models denotes that they were either validated by us, or listed as compatible by their respective manufacturers. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the provided information for models that we have not validated in house.

Make Model
H2O-220 Edge H20-320 Edge
Antec DF85, 1200 Yes
Cooler Master HAF932 (*) Yes Yes
Cooler Master Cosmos S (*) Yes Yes
Cooler Master ATCS 840 Yes Yes
Cooler Master CM 690 II Yes No
Cooler Master Stacker 810 Yes No
Corsair CC800DW Yes Yes
Corsair CC700DW Yes Yes
Lian Li
PC-P80 Yes No
Lian Li
PC-A77F Yes Yes
Mountainmods Most Models (*) Yes Yes
NZXT Tempest (*) Yes No
NZXT Phantom (*) Yes No
Silverstone Raven RV01, RV02 (*) Yes No
Silverstone TJ09 , TJ010 (*) Yes No
Armor LCS Yes No

Some examples of installation:


H2O-220 Edge Front Installation
H2O-320 Edge Top Installation SLi
H2O-220 Edge with additional MCR320 QP Radiator, SLi
H2O-320 Edge + H2O-220 Edge for full redundancy
H2O-220 edge + Radbox, 1/2" tubing thru pre-existing holes


H2O-320 Edge+ Radbox, 3/8" tubing thru PCI slot

Tab 5

Motherboards.org build Monster Gaming System using the h20-220 Edge Liquid Cooling Kit.
The H20-320 Edge Liquid Cooling kit earns the "Editor's Choice" Award at XBitLabs.com - Read Full Article...
"Swiftech® H2O-X20 Edge is a high-quality and high-class liquid-cooling system with incredible efficiency."

"The Swiftech® H20-220 Edge kit not only looks like a custom water cooling kit but it performs like it as well. We were pleasantly surprised as to how easy the kit was to install and get up and running" July 2011

Pure OC Editors Choice

Pure OC Logo

"... the H2O-320 Edge is indeed a unique liquid cooling kit. [..]  It is a new evolution of the water cooling kit and the worlds first traditional setup that combines a reservoir, pump and radiator in a whole unit to eliminate the tubing cluster without compromising the performance.  Not only does the performance stay impressively strong, the whole setup is extremely user-friendly as well. " Dec 2011

Overclockers.com Logo

"Overall this is an impressive kit. The performance should be right up there with a custom loop [..] The H20-220 Edge has the flexibility to upgrade to future blocks for upcoming sockets, great performance [..], quiet operation [..], the ability to crank it up for some benching sessions when every °Celsius counts, and expandability to put more into the loop [..] when you are ready." Nov 2010

Tweak Town Editors Choice

Tweak Town logo

"If only you could see the smile on my face when I think about what the H2O-320 Edge kit offers. Not only does it take away a lot of the issues found in a kit you shopped all the pieces for separately [..] I can tell you the pricing is spot on, and if you are in the market for a new loop capable of handling todays hottest components [..], this is definitely the solution for you. " Nov 2010

overclockers online editors choice

overclockers online logo

"Swiftechs H20-320 Edge kit comes ready to perform as the numbers clearly show. [..]it is designed with expansion in mind. [..] This is also what sets it apart from many kits on the market today that are a closed loop design [..] the H20-320 Edge offers an easily accessible water cooling system for beginners and experienced users alike." Oct 2010

Motherboards.org logo
Video Review H20-220 Edge Liquid Cooling kit - Oct 2010

overclockers hq editors choice

"Overall I was very impressed with the temps [..] And it looks pretty awesome!..if you are at all into serious overclocking or system building and you do not have custom water, its about time to take the plunge.pardon the pun. The Swiftech® H20-320 Edge Water Cooling Kit is gorgeous and anyone would be happy sporting one of these on their performance rigs." Oct 2010



First review of the new H20-320 Edge liquid cooling kit

"Although many dyed-in-the-wool water cooling users will turn their nose up at a liquid cooling kit, [..] I'd have to say the Swiftech® kits are by far the best..If you're looking to build a liquid cooled rig and don't want to mess around with buying parts piecemeal, the Edge kits are absolutely a great way to go." Sept 2010

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