H220 CPU Liquid Cooling Kit

Price: Not available for sale in the USA. Please consult the Where To Buy Section below
Part Number: H220
Bulk shipping information: 9 Pcs/Ctn

Designed in the USA
ROHS Compliant
Bulk Shipping Information: 9 Pcs/Ctn

The H220 CPU cooler is an All-In-One (AIO) liquid cooling system focused on low to inaudible operating noise and thermal performance that truly rivals that of custom kits. The product is compatible with most cases supporting dual 120mm or larger radiators. It comes factory pre-filled, completely plug-and-play for installation, and is maintenance-free during its 3 year warranty period.

The H220 is the result of 3 years of research and development, and it was designed to bridge the gap between entry level All-In-One and custom-built DIY liquid cooling systems. It differentiates itself from other AIO's by its ability to support additional liquid cooled components such as graphics cards, chipset,  and/or additional radiator(s) just like a custom-built system.

Both the pump and the fans are PWM compliant devices, allowing the H220 to be recognized and speed-controlled by the motherboard depending on CPU temperature like any standard CPU cooler. As a bonus, the system includes a PWM splitter allowing connection of up to 8 PWM devices which can then be controlled as one by the motherboard.


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From virtually silent to comfortable audible noise levels Our design objective for this product was to minimize the operating noise while preserving high thermal performance characteristics. At its lowest speed settings, the system is virtually inaudible. At its maximum speed, the H220 remains within comfortable audible noise levels.
Plug-and-Play The H220 is the easiest AIO liquid cooling kits to install bar none, and is even easier to setup than many high-end air coolers.
Superior Thermal Performance Thanks to its copper & brass dual 120mm radiator, high static pressure Helix 120mm fans, more powerful DC pump than any other AIO on the market, and because it shares the Award winning Apogee™ Drive II CPU waterblock design, the H220 kit delivers the same level of superior thermal performance that can be found in custom kits.

The H220 differentiates differentiates itself from other AIO's by its ability to support additional liquid cooled components such as graphics cards, chipset,  and/or additional radiator(s).

  • From a practical standpoint, this is possible thanks to:
    • The presence of a reservoir including a fill-port built into the radiator so that the system can be easily emptied or refilled by the user at will,
    • Enthusiast grade 5/8” OD black PVC tubing fastened to swivel fittings with an elegant clamping system that users can easily remove and safely re-install.
  • From a thermal performance standpoint, this is made possible by:
    • The high thermal capacity of the dual 120mm copper and brass radiator
    • The powerful high-pressure pump capable of driving sufficient flow to cool multiple devices in the loop.
Automatic speed control or fine-tuning right out of the box Both the pump and the fans are PWM compliant devices, allowing the H220 to be recognized and speed-controlled by the motherboard depending on CPU temperature just like any standard CPU cooler. As a bonus, the system includes a PWM splitter allowing connection of up to 8 PWM devices which can then be controlled as one by the motherboard.
Maintenance-free As shipped from our factory and installed as directed (*), the H220 CPU cooler requires no maintenance during its 3 year warranty period; a system refill is recommend at the end of 3 years. Under extreme ambient conditions, the system may need more frequent refills. If upgraded by the user, the interval of time between refills will depend on how users implement their customized loop.

(*) Default radiator installations are either horizontal with fill-port facing upwards or vertical with reservoir facing upwards. If the radiator is installed with its fill-port facing down, then more frequent refills are recommended.
Reliability Both fans and pump are rated for a 60,000 MTBF (Meantime Between Failures)
Support With over 10 years of experience designing, manufacturing and setting up liquid cooling systems, Swiftech® customer service can assist you in setting up and troubleshooting your system 6 days a week, 12 hours a day.

We are here to help!

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Qty Specifications
1 Radiator
Material Brass tubes, louvered copper fins
Body dimensions 269mm x 128mm x 29mm
Fill-port thread class G 1/4
Reservoir capacity 90 cc
Barb fittings Integrated swivel 90° elbows, 3/8" (10mm) OD
Installation hardware
  • Standard: (8) coarse thread fans screws
  • Alternate: (8) 6-32 x 1 3/16 (30mm)  Philips screws  
ROHS Compliant
2 Pre-installed Fan
Dimensions 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Speed control PWM
Speed range 800+/- 25% ~ 1800+/- 10%  RPM
Airflow range 24 ~ 55 CFM
Static pressure range 0.53 ~ 2.29 mmH20
Noise level range <16 ~ <33 dB/A
Nominal Voltage 12 v
Nominal current 0.2 A
Bearing Type Z-axis
Connector Mini 4-pin
MTBF 60,000 hours
ROHS Compliant
1 Waterblock with integrated pump
Cold plate material C110 copper
Cooling engine 0.25mm x 0.25mm  micro-pin array
Barb fittings Integrated swivel 90° elbows, 3/8" (10mm) OD
Installation hardware
  • For Intel LGA 775, 1155/56, 1366
    • (1) Adjustable back-plate
    • (4) Spring loaded screws & washers
  • For Intel LGA 2011
    • (4) Spring loaded screws & washers
  • For AMD AM2, AM3, FM1,FM2, 939
    • (2) Pre-assembled brackets & spring loaded screws
    • Bracket installation screws
Speed control PWM
Speed range 1200 ~ 3000 RPM
Nominal voltage 12 v
Nominal power 6 W
Bearing type Ceramic shaft, PTFE bearing
Connector Mini 4-pin
MTBF 60,000 hours
ROHS Compliant
2 Tubing & Coolant
Material PVC
Color Black
Dimensions 5/8" x 3/8" (16/10mm)
Length 15 3/4" (400mm)
Coolant Pre-filled with Hydrx PM-2 non-toxic coolant
4 Clamps
Material Black anodized aluminum
1 PWM splitter
PWM Ports 8
RPM signal port Channel 1
Power connector Sata (effective 7/15/2013)
PWM/RPM connector Mini 4-pin
Installation hardware Peel-off sticker,  mounting screws & nuts
ROHS Compliant
1 Tim-Mate 2, 1g syringe thermal compound
1 Installation Guide

Radiator Dimensions

H220 dimensions

Tab 3

CPU Platform Compatibility
Intel® Socket LGA 775, 1155, 1156, 1366 and 2011
AMD® Socket AM2 (+), AM3 (+), FM1, FM2, 939
Known Motherboard incompatibility issues
  • Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z AMD 990FX Motherboard - Interference with VR Heatsinks
  • ASRock Z77E-ITX LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Mini ITX Intel Motherboard - Interference with RAM & VGA slots
  • ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS Dual LGA 2011 Intel C602 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 SSI EEB Intel Motherboard - Interference with Ram slots closest to CPU sockets - Can only use outer RAM slots.
Chassis compatibility  

Most cases supporting at least a dual 120mm radiator
Please check our radiator dimensions to verify clearance

The following pictures illustrate some popular cases compatible with the H220
User Video: Corsair 400R installation


Tab 4

Installation Guide (in 9 languages) Link (pdf)
Installation videos
Martin's Liquid Labs quick install guide

HiTech Legion quick install guide
Socket 2011 Hardware installation

AMD platforms hadware installation
Maintenance & Upgrades
Adding a liquid cooled graphics cards to the H220 CPU cooling kit

"All the devices connected to my PWM splitter work at 100% but I cannot vary their speed"
  1. Check that the splitter mini-4 pin PWM signal cable is correctly connected to the CPU_Fan connector of the motherboard
  2. Enable "Manual Fan Control" in the motherboard BIOS
"The device(s) connected to my PWM splitter do not work"
  1. Check that the splitter power cable is connected to the power supply
  2. Check that the non-functioning device female 4-pin connector is correctly inserted in all 4 pins of the splitter connector: in effect, it may be possible to inadvertently offset the female connector by one pin by slightly forcing its insertion, so be careful about this!
"I am getting a "CPU fan error" when I turn on the computer"
  1. Make sure that a device is connected to channel 1 of the PWM splitter. If the motherboard CPU_Fan header does not read an RPM signal, it will return such error by default.
  2. Check that the device connected to Channel 1 of the PWM splitter is correctly inserted in its connector.
  3. Check that the power cable of the PWM splitter is connected to power supply.
"I connected the PWM splitter to an auxiliary 4-pin connector that was indicated as PWM capable by my Motherboard manual, but I can't vary the speed of my devices"
  1. Other than the CPU_Fan connector which is PWM enabled by default, most of the motherboards 4-pin connectors feature two methods of speed adjustment in order to allow control of both types of fans, the 3-pins which are voltage controlled, and the 4-pins which are PWM controlled. As a result, the PWM functionality must be enabled in the BIOS before it can actually work. Please consult your motherboard manual for a "how To".
  2. Since the "CPU_Fan" motherboard connector is PWM enabled by default, we recommend that you connect the splitter to the CPU_Fan connector in order to ascertain its functionality.
"I am connecting the splitter to a PWM fan controller instead of the motherboard, and it doesn't work"
  • Not all PWM fan controllers are compatible. Please read this white paper for further explanations and a list of compatible devices.


Tab 5

Swiftech's H220 CPU Water Cooler receives Editor's choice award from Tech of Tomorrow - Read More -
"If you're looking to start with CPU cooling and want a hassle free installation with minimal work and maintenance, then the H220 is a clear winner and a damn good cooler that just happens to be custom high end level parts and ready to really kick some ass as a full custom loop down the road."
Tech of Tomorrow Editor's Choice Award
Swiftech's H220 CPU Water Cooler receives "Cowcot d'Or" Award from French site Cowcotland.com Read More (French language) -
"With the H220 , Swiftech show their mastery of watercooling. Affordable, about € 130 , the kit benefits from high quality components manufactured by the brand."
Overclok3d Gold Award

Swiftech's H220 CPU Water Cooler receives Editor's choice award from UK site eTeknix.com  - Read More - 

"It is really hard to find fault with the Swiftech H220 because for the price it really is a beast of an AIO system. You’ve got best-in-class build quality, best-in-class components, expandability, silence, a deluxe accessory package, a 3 year warranty and it really is as simple as plug and play from the moment you open the box...This is the first Swiftech product we have taken a look and we are truly impressed."

Overclok3d Gold Award
Linus Tech Tips revisits performance testing of the H220 and crushes the competition

Swiftech's H220 CPU cooler receives X-Bit Labs Editor's Choice Award - Read More
"..the Swiftech H220 sets an ultimate reference point for an ideal liquid cooling solution..After today we have every right to state that any system that yields to Swiftech H220 in cooling efficiency and acoustic performance should not be considered as a potential alternative to a high-performance air-cooler...the Swiftech H220 is an etalon for liquid cooling systems. It demonstrates unrivalled performance in terms of CPU cooling at minimum level of noise."
XBit Labs Editor's choice award
Swiftech H220 CPU Liquid Cooling Kit reviewed at totltech.com (Arabic language) - Receives 9.2 Score - Read More 3-11-13
Swiftech's H220 CPU Water Cooler receives 10 out of 10 score from Thinkcomputewrs.org Read More
"The list of accolades could go on and on. It would have been enough to make simply the best performing unit. But Swiftech adds to that by making it virtually silent, and puts it together in a package that has everything you need. Making the kit expandable was like winning the lottery after getting you already got your dream girl...And wait there is one thing more: price. This unit is a measly $139.99 USD! I have to tell you as an avid water cooler that point there is about enough to make me cry."
Thinkcomputers.org 10outof10 award
Swiftech's H220 CPU Water Cooler receives Elite Hardware award from Pro-clockers.com Read More
"There is no denying that the Swiftech H220 is the AiO CPU cooler to get if you want to upgrade as time goes on..This cooler performed on par with the best performing cooler we have tested which was the NZXT Kraken X60, and the X60 had a clear advantage with its 240mm radiator" - 3-5-13
Elite Hardware award
End-user review:  H220 vs. Thermaltake Water 2.0 at Xtremesystems.org - Read More
"There is a new Sheriff in town.."
Swiftech's H220 Video Review at Linus Tech Tips
"...It is far and away the best pre-done cooler that you can put on your CPU" - 

Swiftech's H220 CPU cooler reviewed at OC3D.net receives Gold Award - Read More

Note from Swiftech's management: despite being the most controversial review published on the H220, the competition-sponsored site gives the product a Gold Award. 
Overclok3d Gold Award
Swiftech's H220 CPU Water Cooler granted Editor's choice award by Real world Labs - Read More

"The Swiftech H220 is the AiO cooler we all wanted, but didn’t know we needed. Now that it is here though we can’t imagine going back to anything else. Outside of the H220 current AiO coolers don't allow you to expand the cooling beyond the CPU, they can’t be refilled and most don't offer best in class performance and acoustics either. In other words, if you are looking for a AiO cooler in the $100+ range the Swiftech H220 is the one to get." - 
Real World Labs Editor's Choice Award
Swiftech's H220 CPU Water Cooler receives Tweaktown Editor's Choice Award -Read More

"The H220 is built, designed, and delivers on the idea of taking on the AIO market and showing users there is a better option on the market to suit the needs of everyone from users who have never used water cooling on up to those with dual loops and years of water cooling under their belt. The H220 is just that good in all aspects..
Yes, you can get a cheaper AIO, and you can get them with lights and software, but with the H220 and the fact that I can carry on with this one unit as my cooling needs progress, it just makes way too much sense to look into these [H220] units and never look back at the typical AIO units" - 2-18-13
Tweaktown Editor's Choice Award
Swiftech® H220 Liquid CPU Cooler Reviewed at 3dGameman receives 100% Kick Ass Award - Read More

"You've got a product that has win-win written all over it. Without a doubt, this is a 100% Kick Ass product"
3D Gameman Kickass award

Swiftech® H220 AIO Water Cooling Kit Review at Martin's Liquid Lab - Read More

The $139.95 price point is an amazing value for the quality parts you get. The prefilled plug and play installation should satisfy every level of users. Even having several years of experience building custom loops, it was a pleasure to have such a short and easy installation without any of the usual cutting tubes to length, mounting fans, and fill up routine normally associated with DIY kits.

New LiquidCoolers from Corsair and Swiftech, review at Anandtech.com - Read More
"The Swiftech H220 is basically the cooler to get if you're in the market for a 240mm closed loop cooler. It fulfills the promise the H100i inexplicably doesn't, and is basically as good as it's going to get before you get into either 280mm radiators or entirely custom cooling loops."
Swiftech® H220 Advanced AIO Liquid CPU cooler Review at HiTech Legion.com - Read More - Editor's choice Award
"The versatility, performance, excellent build quality and noise levels all fall into place to make the H220 not only a Hi Tech Legion Editor’s Choice, but a strong early candidate to be the most important product of 2013." 1-27-2013
HI Tech Legion Editor's Choice Award

Swiftech H220 with GPU Loop Added review at Xtreme CPU.com - Read More - 10 out of 10 XCPU.com Award 1-30-13
Corsair H100i vs The Swiftech H220 review at Xtreme CPU.com - Read More - 10 out of 10 XCPU.com Award 1-22-13
Swiftech® New All-In-One Liquid Cooling system, The H220 raises the bar; Review at Xtreme CPU.com - Read More - 9.9 out of 10 XCPU.com Award
"It is easy enough to install and powerful enough to grow into a full system solution. With a low cost of entry, we find it hard to see why we would want to go through the time and effort of picking out and installing a custom water cooling solution."

Swiftech® H220 LCS All-In-One Water Cooler reviewed at Overclockers.com - Read More - Receives Overclockers.com Seal of Approval Award
"Simply put, what we have here is a game changer in the all-in-one water cooling segment...The unit simply screams quality, top to bottom...Innovation, great performance, expandability, acoustically pleasing, and affordable. Most definitely, Overclockers approved!" - 1-23-13

Overclockers.com Approved Award

Production introduction during CES  2013 by Linus Tech Tips.com

Production introduction during CES  2013 by ThinkComputers.org

Production introduction during CES  2013 by Tech of Tommorow.com

Production introduction during CES  2013 by HITech Legion.com

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End User Reviews

(80 Ratings, 8 Reviews) Average Rating:
Fantastic Product!
Bruce Burson (APO, AE) 3/11/2014 2:05 AM
This was my first water-cooled build. I selected the H220 after doing exhaustive research. I was especially impressed with pure copper radiator and powerful pump, compared to the aluminum fins and weaker pumps used by the competition. I am completely impressed and pleased with the performance in my Enermax Fulmo ST (EAC3270) case! Installation was a breeze. Even with the BIOS PWM control profile at the lowest possible "silent" settings, my i7-4770K runs cool and the system is quite literally inaudible (if the monitor blanks, I have to check the power lights to realize the system is operating). I did not use the provided thermal paste nor the stock fans, but only because I happen to be a fan of Shin-Etsu X23-7783D paste and Noctua NF-F12PWM fans. I am totally a Sweiftech fan now, and I have already ordered another for my next build.
I couldn't be more pleased!
JOHN THOMASON (DENVER, CO) 7/5/2013 11:22 AM
I had a bit of trouble mounting my H220 to the top of my Corsair Carbide 300 mid-tower, so I opted to mounting the radiator/fans to the drops on a side panel of the case. And just WOW! Maybe I got lucky with a perfect mount (pea-method/arctic silver fox), but core temp is giving me consistent temps of 15-18 degrees on idle. This cooler is flat-out awesome! I'm switching out the included fans for some Noctuas, that I saw on Linus's you tube channel, so I'm sure I'll possibly be getting even lower temps/better performance. This is simply one of the most impressive products I've had the good luck to include in my first gaming rig. All glory to Swiftech! It blew my first Corsair H80i out of the water (no pun intended), and I'm now a truly loyal Swiftech fanboy. On my next hardcore build, I'm gonna go for an all Swiftech liquid custom loop for my CPU/GPU/Chipset and RAM...Cant wait! Thank you Swiftech for your superb engineering! Send me a t-shirt! John Thomason 2940 S Federal Blvd #108 Denver, CO 80236 johnpaulthomason@yahoo.com I'll wear it with pride, and I'm extolling the virtues of the H220 all over many forums. It's pretty rare that I encounter a product so great, that I feel that I HAVE to sing its praises on the interwebs. Well done, Swiftech!! *hugs*
Great for the money
a person (USA ) 6/29/2013 12:51 AM
Going water for me was a must and a first once I got my fx8350 around 4.5ghz when it was hot out 90+f and 90+% humidity damn heat. My h212 in push/pull wasn't up for the challenge of keeping this 4 module 8 core cpu cooled in the summer and it wasn't made to. So I looked for a cpu cooling kit that could end up going to a full loop there ain't many heard many good things about Swiftech so I bought the H220 I have had this unit for a little while 3-4 months or so worked great as a stand alone cooler kept my FX8350 @ 4.5ghz well within the 62c max temp for the cores stated by AMD never saw anything above 49c no matter what game or for how long smoking hot out and humid no AC. Winter is king for AMD's cpus they love the cold and will give you the world if you keep them cold my AMD 7970 loves the cold as well. Too give it a full review I waited till now when I expanded it too my own loop with a 7970 @ 1200+mhz with a Heatkilla 79X0 gpu block and a Watercool HTSF2 2x120 rad along with the stock rad and a Phobya single 5,25" Bay Reservoir and I have to say it's awesome in a Phantom 820 case. It ain't warm out and I don't see anything higher then 39c for my cpu right now it's stock for sum testing which is 4.1ghz instead of 4.0ghz always been like that any who my gpu is at 1200mhz I haven't seen 50c for the core of the gpu the vram run hotter 65c was max and 56c for the second while playing Crysis 3 and Metro LL. Stock 2.120 rad is setup as a exhaust in the top of the 820 case with 2 cougar 1200rpms fans in push. Watercool 2.120 rad is setup as a bottom intake with 4 cougar 1500rpm fans in push/pull. The H220 pump has no problems what so ever with keeping the flow going in this loop and I believe could cool dual 7970s a high end cpu with 3.120 rad and a 2.120 rad and you would be happy with the temps. Great Job Swiftech.
Keeping this quiet and cool
Robert Ladd (Annapolis, MD) 4/2/2013 3:01 PM
Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the ability of my H220 to keep my system quite cool during stressful rendering tasks. I thought I would also pass on the fact that renderings now take roughly 20 minutes to complete on my new system (Intel 3930K clocked to full time 3.8 GHZ with AMD Firepro W7000 graphics card and 32 gig of PC 1600 quad channel memory and Windows 8 (ugh)). My previous system (Core 2 Quad Extreme QX6700 overclocked to 2.9 GHZ with an Nvidia 8800 card and 8 gigs of ram) often either ran out of memory or crashed my Rhino 5 and Flamingo NXT renderer while attempting to grind out the same renderings at the same settings. Specific to your fine product is the fact that of the six cores, the most recalcitrant; core 5, never exceeded 61 deg. c. even after more than 6 hours of rendering at least twenty images. The average temps for all cores according to HWinfo64 was 56 deg. C. with the average cpu load at 98%. CPU load was often at 100% for three or more minutes at a time with no more than a few seconds winding down before hitting 100% again as each pass of the 50 passes of the rendering took place. While I am still working on bettering my abilities with Flamingo NXT (a version new to me), I do know that these renderings are very taxing on the system. I need to add that even at 100% load, the H220 emits very tolerable, actually quite comfortable noise levels in spite of the fact that I have mounted the radiator at the top of my Cosmos II case under the top grill with a push/pull fan system such that the fan noise is exposed to the listener. And, at low load levels, the noise is often forgettable and vastly quieter than my old system that had a Noctua NH D14 cooler. Now, all I need is for the economy to improve so that a yacht designer such as myself can find more work for this fine new quiet and cool system! Thanks to all at Swiftech for producing such a fine product. Rob Ladd, Robb Ladd Yacht Design.
Best 220mm AIO unit on the market
Edwin Jeffery (England) 3/11/2013 2:19 PM
After researching this product in great depth & still doing so, this AIO unit is in my opinion as a Computer professional & consumer the best 120 x 220mm AIO system in the market bar none. It has all the beginner needs to get started in the water cooling world & also allows for upgrading & expansion. The pump/block unit is amazing for lots of reasons including performance, PWM control and lifespan. With the larger tubing, copper/brass Rad. and the built in Res. with filling/draining capability, what more could you ask for in a AIO system. It will last you way beyond other like for like systems. Most of all in this time of recession it is great value for money.

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